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Tanky-Carry Anti-Mage

November 27, 2011 by exTro#154404
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Tanky-Carry Anti-Mage

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

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Tanky-Carry Anti-Mage

November 27, 2011


Hello and welcome to my 2nd guide on Dotafire.

It's about the famous Anti-Age who is same called in DotA. In HoN he is called Mage Bane.

I hope you like the build and get nice scores with it.

Don't forget to see my other Pudge guide:

Have Fun!

Pros / Cons


+ Great farmer
+ Can build tanky because he makes extra damage if the enemy has mana
+ Great escape skill (W)
+ Nice burst ultimate
+ Great chaser
+ Very high mobility


- Low strength gain and low strenght at start what makes him squishy at the beginning
- No CC (but with this build you will get a bit)
- Low mana pool


His skills are very simple to explain.

Q - Mana Break

With every normal attack he makes he do extra damage if the enemy has mana (of course). It is very nice because you can build Anti-Mage tanky with that and deal nice damage with this skill. It is also very good to burn the mana from caster who aren't able to cast spells anymore.

W - Blink

This is what makes him very good as a carry. He can flash away or flash in the battle. It is awesome for escaping or come out of a gank or nice for chasing. You can also come fast to a point without Town Portal Scroll. So it helps you in every case and throughout the game it will be very helpful for you.

E - Spell Shield

It higher your magic resistance and that makes him tanky while he can carry. It is very good against caster and with your Mana Break skill you can burn the casters mana. This combo is the nightmare for every caster.

R - Mana Void

It is a very nice spell who can deal tons of damage. It makes damage equal to the missing mana of your enemy and near the enemy you target. It is the last hit on every hero who has lost his high mana. The casters nightmare goes on with this spell: "Mana Break + Spell Shiel d + Mana Void". The combo is the instant death for them.
TIP: Of course it is clever to burn the enemys mana and THEN use your ultimate.


The Items make him a bit tanky but focus more on dealing damage as a carry.

Start Items:

Quelling Blade - With it you deal more damage. It helps farming early game and if you haven't sold it yet it helps you farming through the game. And it gives you an active. With it you can destory one tree but this isn't that important for Anti-Mage because he can Blink over them. It will be sold for other items later

Stout Shield - Not hard to explain. It lower the damage from normal hits with a small chance and from creeps. Makes you a bit more tanky early.

Tango - Comsume a tree and get health back. That's all. Help to stay on lane.

Early Game:

Phase Boots - They give you damage, speed and a speed-active. Makes you more as a carry and you can escape for chase very good with the active. Of course the speed is important.

Vanguard - It gives you tankyness. HP, HP-Regen and a small chance of damage block. Very helpful early game and quiet nice later on.

Mid Game:

Sange and Yasha - It/They give/s everything what a carry needs. Attack speed, movement speed, strength and agility. All of them are very helpful expecially for Antimage the stats are awesome. But what the most important thing is on this item is the passive what can slow the with your normal attacks but only with a small chance. It gives Anti-Mage a bit of CC what he lacks hardly.

Vladmir's Offering - It gives a bit HP-Regen but the thing what makes this item special are the four auras it can give (I don't know if they stack or not at the moment and if they are all active at the same time):

- Vampiric Aura: 16% lifesteal to you and your allies near you
- Damage Aura: +15% damage to you and your allies near you
- Armor Aura: +5 armor to you and your allies near you allies near you
- Mana Regeneration Aura: 0.8% mana regen to you and your allies near you

All of them are active in a 900 AoE-Radius.

I built this item mainly for the lifesteal but you can choose dependent of the situation.

Skull Basher - It gives nice stats for a carry. Damage and a bit strenght but here is also the passive the important thing for Anti-Mage. You can stun a target with a small chance for 1.4 seconds. The cooldown on this passive is 2 seconds. It gives with Sange and Yasha nice CC for the CC-lacking Anti-Mage.

Late Game:

Butterfly - It gives nice stats for an carry. Agility, Damage, Evasion and Attack Speed. A wonderful time at the end who makes this build complete as a tanky carry.

Team Work

With the auras of Vladmir's Offering you are a nice hero for the team. With the CC of the items Sange and Yasha and Skull Basher you can help to chance a enemy town. You can also gank very nice with the Blink skill but you should mainly farm because then you are very strong.


The Anti-Mage is very strong and a hard carry who can destroy the casters and can easily go out of the battle which makes you hard to kill. A carry who is hard to chase is a kill and easy fed mashine. So try him out and if you want with this build and destroy your enemys.

But the most important thing is: Have fun and play in team! That is the way to go to be successful.

Hope you get nice scores with this build. I'm always open for feedback and if I say something wrong write this also in the comment section below.

English isn't my home language so don't flame me because it is ununderstandable please...

And a thanks to my Pudge-Guide where I got my guide structure from (

Your Anti-Mage Fan


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