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Sven, *updated 24/05/2013*

October 13, 2013 by Mochiii
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You Jelly Bro??

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

4 8 9 10


2 12 13 14

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18


The way I play " Sven " and haven't ONCE failed me!

Sven is a carry hero *with my build* whose strength lies entirely in his ability to just hack the Sh*t out of his opponents freely like a truck. It's true that with these items, Sven can take the role of a Carry.

Pros / Cons


- Storm Hammer is one of the best Stuns in the game.
- God's Strength gives Sven a massive bonus to his damage
- Great Cleave gives a 65% cleave at level 4, basically like a built in Battle Fury.
- Good STR and AGI gain per level.

- Without BKB, Sven is very easy to shut down or get away from.
- Very Mana Intensive.
- Low Armour Throughout.

Phases ( E,M,L )

Early Game

Early game is very important as you need to get your farm up (MAIN GOAL). Get all your Battle Fury ASAP then rush for all your CORES! *Reason for BF at the bottom of the page*

Mid Game

Keep farming and dont stop unless if team needs help with fights. IMPORTANT : Always buy or have at least 2 teleport scrolls in your inventory to either Defend a tower half way across the map or have cheeky get aways or even to teleport to the nearest structure as ateam fight will happen or a fight has already happened.

Late Game

Things will be going awesome on your side as you will be hitting like a TRUCK and people will start fearing you once all hell breaks loose. In addition, If their opposing team has heroes that has evasion have have built a butterfly? Simply buy a Monkey King Bar to counter it. MKB is personal choice depending on which item you want to build instead. For example: Instead of getting Assault Cuirass, you can get the MKB to shut down evasion heros etc etc.


Simply Sell your Power Threads and get yours Boots of travel to be a pain in every lane or even back door if one certain lane is pushed while the opposing team is trying to go for a base rush.

Reason for Battle Fury

The reason why I choose to go battle fury is because firstly, the cleave stacks with Sven's W. This makes his cleave damage 100% when W is level 4 on top of that, he gets mana + health regen from the perserverance. This is really good for Sven because as stated, he is extremely mana intensive. The Battle Fury also give him +65 damage, this of course is good as it increases sven's base damage + it give his ult form damage a bit of OOMPH! This at the same time is an amazing farming tool due to the damage increase + the 100% cleave.

What is there not to like about it??

Dont believe me?

Try this WHOLE build out yourself and see what you think.

Vote + Comment!


Comment If you are unsure or have in you mind that you are wanting to ask....I am MORE than happy to reply and solve it!

Thanks for reading my guide now go and try it for yourself!....Happily ever OWNAGE!

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