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Sven the Rogue Knight

April 23, 2012 by dmnRO
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Bring on the pain.

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

2 4 8 9


10 12 13 14

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18

Choosing a lane, a laning partner.

If you play Radiant you should go on the bottom lane, if you play Dire you should go on the top lane. These are called the Long Lanes.
The long lane is the lane where the Tier 1 Tower is farthest from the Ancient, and closest to the creep line. For Radiant, this is the bottom lane. For Dire, this is the top lane. The long lane is also called the safe lane, since it is easiest for a laning hero to retreat to the protection of their tower, and because it is difficult for enemies to sneak through the jungle and gank the laning hero. Also, because this lane is close the the jungle, it is the easiest lane to use creep pulling to control the location of the creep line.

You choose the long lane because:
1) You will do 2 Bracers before Boots and so you need to be safe and have the tower near by because you don't have big Movement Speed to evade gangs on the short lane.
2) You will creep pull from time to time to control the lane.
3) Kill camps of neutrals or even stack them from time to time.

You need a range hero with a stun/disable ability to make things smooth and to ensure you will get some frags at level 3.
I recommend one of this heroes: Crystal Maiden or Vengeful Spirit.

Early game.

You have the Long Lane you have a ranged hero with a disable on your lane as a sidekick.
You need to coordonate with your partner to make the most out of your stun and his stun/disable skill. So do this:
At any time in the first 3 levels, depending on the max health of your enemies on the lane you can do this. As soon as your enemy comes near the creeps to last hit and you have more creeps than him tell your Ranged hero to use the stun/disable you and your teammate get 2-3 hits each and maybe the creeps will do if he engages you. After the hit use your Stun and again get some hits. I wrote this because often I see stun after stun and only two hits from each hero so the enemy gets away with low health.

If you lane against two melee hero that wont engage in last hitting, do creep pulls often so they are forced to come in your line of sight. If they don't risk it they will lose exp because you and your partner can freely last hit your creeps and theirs.

When you have money bring the Bracer's recipes and Circlet's to finish the two Bracers.

Buy simple boots from the Side Shop when you have creeps so far out and can safely buy them, but being on the Long Lane that should not be a problem.
If you can finish Power Treads from the Side Shop.
If you are forced to go back to the fountain and still have Mana for a stun (140 mana needed) and depending on your remaining health you can clear a neutral camp to gain some money and experience. Don't buy a Teleport Scroll to go back on lane. Go on foot and buy a tango and on your way to the lane kill 1-2 neutral camps. Your health will replenish quickly with the Bracers, Tango and Power Treads. Even if you have a teammate in the jungle/forest you can still get 1-2 camps without affecting his farm.
Stay on your lane and kill with your teammate for as long as you can. If the top lane has problems let the mid lane take care of it. And if the mid lane needs help tell your lane partner to go and help the mid. I know that in Dota2 in the description the role of Sven is Ganker, but you should not risk getting outfarmed and outleveled. You need your BKB as fast as possible.
And if you play your card right and you and your partner own your lane, there is a big chance the middle hero will come to help his teammates, if you kill that hero when he comes you will gain at least one level because he will have level higher than yours if he stood solo on middle.
So you have the means to make them come and gank you, making your teammates happy cause they can freefarm or easy kill the remaining solo heroes.

Middle phase of the game.

You have 2xBracers, Power Treads and you are close to finish your Black King Bar if you did not do it already.
Now you need to play your Ganker role but play it smart.
Play it safe, don't be greedy.
Tell your support hero to buy wards to prepare for the middle phase of ganking & tower pushing. Remember you have great skills with good synergy. Don't go with your team to kill only one hero, unless we are talking about their carry hero.
You can do much more in team fights with your AoE Stun, Cleave and God's Strength.
Your stun has 600 range but once the stun deploys it will go along way, even chases Mirana when she leaps. So use it to initiate if your team fails to. BUT DON'T GO ALL IN. Once you stunned someone wait for your team to engage in the team fight and 2 seconds later you go in with the Black King Bar and God's Strength. I see many Svens going in to do damage and only hit once or twice before getting killed. You need to survive the whole battle because God's Strength lasts 25 seconds so you can do so much damage in that time, even get the tower and get a line of creeps. So be patient and chose the right time to engage.
Next item will be Mask of Madness(MoM). With MoM you hit like crazy but now you need to chose the very right moment to engage in battles because MoM offers so many but has that nasty effect of allowing others to do to you increase damage (Any kind of damage done to you it's increased by 30% for the duration of 12 seconds, so the damage only applies when you activate MoM).
In team battles it should be like this let the enemy engage your teammates so that you can stun more than one enemy. Tell your tanky hero to go in and take the damage. Stun as many as possible(make sure to be near the enemies when you stun) activate Black King Bar, Activate God's Strength but cancel the animation* activate MoM and bring the pain. If they start running activate Warcry to chase them with your team or use the warcry to escape.
You cancel the animation by tapping R and the issue a quick move order so you wont lose 2 seconds with the animation triggered by God's Strength.
Make sure not to hit the hero that activates a Blade Mail it will hurt you so bad.
Once you have MoM you can also take on Roshan alone if your ultimate is ready.
But if one of your teammates has Vlad's aura or even a way to heal you can do Roshan at level 11.

End game.

Your ultimate skill is good till the start of the game until the end of it but heres the trick. Many heroes will fear you with God's Strength but they will often wait for it to pass and then engage you in large numbers. So depending on how is your team playing you need one of this items (you can have them both but you need to chose wisely the order). As i said the pick is based on how your team is doing.
If your team prefers to still farm in min 40 of the game, you should get Hyperstone and if your team wants to finish and push all 5 then you should go for Crystalis.
Situation Hyperstone:
40+ minutes pasted in the game you can expect many heroes having good damage and some health. So if your team wont push and you are forced to hunt heroes or farm in turtle mode then you should not use MoM when outnumbered or faced with a hard carry, because 30% increased damage will have a heavy word in the outcome of the battle. So you will need attack speed and what better way than Hyperstone.
Situation Crystalis:
If your team stays together either for def or push you should have an upper hand when it comes to dealing damage because you will only want to kick *** in battles you can use MoM in all the commotion and get many critical strikes.
Before an important push(the last push to break their mid till the Ancient) go Roshan with your team. Depending on your team heroes you guys will decide who takes aegis, who takes cheese. NOTE: Roshan drops cheese on the 3rd death.

Some need to know stuff.

When using Black King Bar many ultimate skills can have an effect on you.
Pudge's Dismember will disable you but not damage your health.
Vipers Ultimate will slow you but not damage your health.
Enigma's Black Hole will disable you but not damage your health.
This is just off the top of my head.

When activating God's Strength be sure to cancel the animation by issuing a move command right after you push R(or the button that you assigned for it).

Storm bolt chases a target after a TP or blink/leap/force stuff. However, going invisible does dodge the stun.

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