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Sven the MANLIEST (Alt-Tab)

July 5, 2013 by pantera1000
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

10 12 13 14


2 4 8 9

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18

Sven the MANLIEST (Alt-Tab)

July 5, 2013


Welcome to my guide on how to be the manliest Sven your enemies have ever had the opportunity to be 3 shot by. This guide is not for new players as I will be keeping it short and to the point without much detail. Sven is a melee hard carry that can dish out TONS of right click damage while still being extremely tanky and hard to kill and with his massive cleave he is known to take out entire teams in a matter of seconds.

Build Justification

Power Treads Not much to say here. It gives attack speed and good stats.

Mask of Madness This is a risky item I will admit, but the amount of dps you can put out early with gods strength is pretty insane. It works early since you have decent hp and armor from bkb and warcry but it should definitely be replace with a satanic which we will get to later.

Black King Bar Again not much to say here. It gives decent strength stats and makes you magic immune so you cant be locked down very easily.

Daedalus This is where things get manly. Sven's ult gives you 200% damage and that combined with cleave and crits makes for nasty teamwipes.

Heart of Tarrasque This item will help correct your survivability issues pretty much all together while also giving alot more damage for gods strength to multiply off of.

Assault Cuirr*** After you get this item you should go ahead and replace Mask of Madness since it gives plenty of attack speed without sacrificing survivability. In fact, it greatly increases it by giving you 15 armor which, combined with your now 3k+ hp, makes you damn near unkillable.

Satanic Now that Mask of Madness is gone your going to need life steal again and this is the best life steal item in the game. It also gives lots of strength stats which will put your hp up around the 4k mark and will give you even more damage for gods strength.

Time to Wrap it Up

This is what i have found to be the most efficient build i could create for Sven and it has not failed me yet. Now i do realize you probably wont make it to be 6 slotted by the end of the game but it is possible. Most of the time i only make it to heart before i have crushed my enemies with pure manliness and destroyed their ancient with my mighty sword.

I am open to any suggestions but please don't flame and explain them with some intellect. And if your not sure about this build give it a shot in a pub game and i promise you will have a great time. (as long as your ****ty team doesn't feed that is.)

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