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Sven, the best way to play (6.87)

May 4, 2016 by robertojun
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Safe Mid-Late Game

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Purchase Order


Stout Shield
Healing Salve
Enchanted Mango
Iron Branch

Early Game

Quelling Blade
Boots of Speed
Power Treads
Echo Sabre
Helm of the Dominator
Blink Dagger

Choose one (2 max)

Assault Cuirass
Black King Bar
Eye of Skadi
Sange and Yasha

Mid Game (Choose 2)

Heart of Tarrasque
Abyssal Blade

Late Game

Boots of Travel
Moon Shard
Divine Rapier


Monkey King Bar
Aghanim's Scepter

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer


Great Cleave

3 4 5 7


2 8 9 10

God's Strength

6 11 16



Sven, the best way to play (6.87)

May 4, 2016


Sven has the potential to be a strong late-game carry due to his ultimate which increases his damage making him up to three times as powerful, which then can be used in conjunction with his Great Cleave in order to deal extraordinary cleave damage which can frequently lead to multiple kills with just a few swings from his sword. This immense power granted to him solely by his ultimate makes one of strongest late-game carries in the game.


Sell Power Treads for Travel Boots

Sell Armlet for Daedalus


Aghanim - If you have 2 others Auto Attackers in your team

Assault - If you're the only melee in your team (don't buy Desolator)

Tarrasque - Same of Assault

Desolator - If you're planing to play more Berserker buy this instead of Sange and Yasha

Bloodthorn - Instead of Daedelus, If some Spell-Dependent Hero is overfeed

Abyssal - If the enemy don't have a evasion hero or a butterfly you can buy it instead of monkey king bar

Divine - If you have the balls


Storm Hammer [Q] -

One of the best AoC-Stun in Dota 2, he have a decent range, great area, a bit damage and a nice duration. If you find your enemy team grouped don't be afraid, [E], blink, [Q], [R], BKB and Rampage

Great Cleave [W] -

Passive skill, that's basically a Battle fury, and works perfectly with his big-*** DMG

WarCry [E] -

Big utility for you and your team, increases Armour, Move Speed, have low cool-down and low Mana-cost, Spawn this little bastard in every propitious situation

God Strenght [R] -

Don't have much to say, low cool-down, HUUUGE DMG increases, don't be afraid to use him to kill valuable targets (and objectives, like barracks, towers, etc)

Pros / Cons

He is very vulnerable in early game, and have Huge mana cost for his Storm Hammer, so you better ask some support to help you in the early game.
He need to keep Attacking to fully uses your skills, so your team has to protect him to keep him alive and fighting. In general, be careful with those heroes:

Additionally, those heroes works fine with Sven:

Creeping / Jungling

You have to keep a decent LH to keep going in game, so if you're not ganking, destroying towers, killing enemies, STAY FARMING, keep ALWAYS a TP to quickly move to a important TF, if you don't know what to do in some point in game, go farm

Team Work

You most of the time will be the initiator, so lead yours team-mates to fight and retreat with yours skills, most important FIGHT WITH YOUR TEAM and never die, cause death slows your farming, death slows your game, so, if you have to choose kill and die OR run and stay alive, choose stay alive.

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