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Sven: Heaven's Hammer

November 28, 2012 by inEngel
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Build 1
Build 2

Sven: Support

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 8

Great Cleave

2 10 13 14


4 7 9 12

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18

Sven: Heaven's Hammer

November 28, 2012

Guide Introduction

Dear DotaFire Community,

This is a comprehensive guide of the Rogue Knight, Sven. As of yet it is not complete and I will be gradually building this guide over the next several months. If you have any constructive comments please leave them below and I will try and respond to you and address your concerns.

If anyone plays one of these builds tell me what you think of it. Where was it strong? Where was it lacking? What other Sven builds would you like me to introduce?


Notice: All copied texts, images and urls are from or

An Overview of Sven

Sven is probably one of the more versatile heroes in Dota 2. He can be a ganker, support, pusher or semi-carry. For a long time he was played as a support but more recently due to buffs he has been played as a carry.

His abilities provide him a massive amount of early lane contribution. Storm Hammer is probably one of the best early game stuns. With Storm Hammer you can do early game ganks effectively. Although due to the high mana cost you should be forewarned against spamming storm hammer. Warcry is a great ability for tanking and chasing. And his ultimate provides him the ability to dish out large amounts of damage in the mid game. Although you have to remember that his ultimate only boosts attribute and stat damage so items that specifically increase your damage will not be counted in the damage modifier.

When building Sven as a carry you want to focus on maxing great cleave, and warcry. Warcry will allow you to mitigate the damage while moving between targets in the teamfight. Great Cleave gives the equivalent of two battlefuries worth of cleave and is one of the most important abilities. Combine that with a mjollnir and your ability to do large amounts of splash in a teamfight is unparalleled for a carry.
When building Sven as support you want to focus on Storm Hammer and Warcry. Great Cleave is secondary and should have a maximum of one skill point placed into it. The rest whould all be placed into stats.

Sven: Carry

Your foremost objective is to get farm. You should preferably have a ranged support since you are melee. Basic carry stuff basically.

Once you have farmed a sufficient amount you should focus on pushing. Sven has great push potential and combine that with some early game farm and thw moeny from the towers will reduce the time it takes to farm your late game items. You should be really careful of getting stuck in a stand-still outside of towers. You need to focus on farming your first major items.



In order for this build to work you must be the bottom lane support! This is first and foremost a support build. It focuses on giving Sven the health and positioning to make the difference in a teamfight. In order to fulfill this role focus on these two objectives in the early game.

Objective #1:
You should primarily focus on pulling creep waves in the beginning. Use that to gain experience on-par with your allies/lane partner. You should get the last hit on all the neutral creeps! As well as focus on destroying the entire creep wave to keep from pushing your lane. When not pulling creep waves you should stack the camp that you will be pulling (and any other camps you can to farm them later with cleave), in addition to aiding your lane partner and trying to get early kills on squishy supports and carries.
Objective #2:
You should help your lane opponent fight whenever not farming neutral creeps. Preferably harassing and stunning in order to reduce you opponents health and creeps score. Do not take last hits from your lane partner, instead deny every creep you can.

If you stick to these objective and don't roam around you should A: get a kill or two on your lane opponents and B: be about the same level as you allies or just slightly lower.


If you notice I only listed 4 items to end the game with: Ring of Basilius/Strength Treads (you should swap the Ring of Basilius out for Strength Treads after the early game), mekanism, force staff, satanic. Do not get 6 end game items! Two extra slots are left for TP Scrolls or if need be Sentry Wards and Dust of Appearance. You are a support you should help in teamfights, so first off you need to be there (TP Scolls) and second off you can't let Riki (or some other invis character) free farm your team (Dust/Wards). I only provide items for four of the slots but you can use 5 of your slots if you are extremely farmed and have found that you need another item to aid your team. I will provide some additional suggestions for you fifth item at the ed of this build guide.

Force Staff: This item is for initiation, chasing and support. You want to use this to save out-of-position allies, initiate a teamfight, or to position yourself for stunning and chasing.
Staff of Wizardry(1000) + Quarterstaff(900) + Recipe(300)
+10 Intelligence
+10 damage
+10 attack speed
Force (Active)

Strength Treads: You should have these to increase your speed, damage, and survivability.
Boots of Speed(500) + Gloves of Haste(500) + Belt of Strength(450)
+60 movement speed
+8 selected attribute
+25 attack speed
Switch Attribute (active)

Satanic: This item gives you a large amount of survivability and damage. Its an attribute based item so your ultimate will stack with the damage that it provides.
Reaver(3200) + Helm of the Dominator(1850) + Recipe(1100)
+25 Strength
+20 Strength
+5 Strength
Passive: Lifesteal - Your attacks heal you for 25% of the damage dealt. (Lifesteal is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers).
Active: Unholy Rage - Increases Lifesteal by 175% for 3.5 seconds.

Mekanism: Sven is an excellent mek carrier because of his large base health for a support. Although you might find that you have mana problems (if you do you should try switching strength treads for arcane boots).
Buckler(803) + Headress(603) + Recipe(900)
+5 All Attributes
+5 Armor
Passive: Mekansm Aura - Grants +4 HP/sec Regeneration to nearby allied units within a 500 AoE.
Active: Restore - Heals 250 HP and gives a +2 Armor bonus to all allies in a 750 AoE for 25 seconds. Does not affect any units that have been healed by Restore in the last 25 seconds.

These items will give you the greatest amount of survivability, damage and utility.


You should aim to get your items in the order of:

Ring of Basilius
Urn of Shadows
Strength Treads
Buckler -> Mekanism
Quarterstaff -> Force Staff
Reaver -> Satanic

After these core items your item order will differ widely based upon what you need in order to aid you team properly in teamfights. But you items order should be focused on aiding you team not solo killing the entire enemy team!


Hood of Defiance: Allows you to tank some of the more powerful nukes that the enemy team might throw at you.
Ring of Health(875) + Cloak(550) + 2xRing of Regen(350 ea)
+30% spell resistance
+8 HP/sec regeneration

Manta Style: This will help you to confuse the enemy, to have your illusions tank some damage, and give you a nice boost to mana, attack speed and damage.
Ultimate Orb(2100) + Yasha(2150) + Recipe(650)
+26 Agility
+10 Strength
+10 Intelligence
+15 attack speed
+10% movement speed
Mirror Image (active)

Vanguard: You are a melee hero so this is actually a good blocking item in addition to the health that it gives you.
Ring of Health(875) + Vitality Booster(1100) + Stout Shield(250)
+6 HP/sec regeneration
+275 HP
Damage Block (passive)

Heart of Tarrasque: This item provides you withe the greatest amount of survivability. With 1060 Health and 40 damage you can tank for your team while still dealing good damage.
Reaver(3200) + Vitality Booster(1100) + Recipe(1200)
+40 Strength
+300 HP
Health Regeneration (passive)

Assault Cuirass: this should be an end-game item primarily used for its aura. It provides a better amount of armour for yourself and your allies, in addition to an attack speed boost and armour reducing aura (and making your carry hit like a truck because of this).
Platemail(1400) + Hyperstone(2100) + Chainmail(550) + Recipe(1300)
+10 armor
Positive Armor Aura (passive)
Negative Armor Aura (passive, enemies)
+35 attack speed
Attack Speed Aura (passive)

Effects Database

Manta Style Mirror Image:
Mirror Image (melee)-
Creates 2 images that deal 33% damage and take 350% damage
Has a 0.1 second animation delay for which you are invulnerable
Lasts 20 seconds, costs 165 mana, and has a 35 second cooldown
Mirror Image (ranged)-
Creates 2 images that deal 28% damage and take 400% damage
Has a 0.1 second animation delay for which you are invulnerable
Lasts 20 seconds, costs 165 mana, and has a 50 second cooldown

Force Staff Force:
Pushes any unit 600 units in the direction it is facing over a 0.3s duration, double clicking the item will make Force be used on yourself. Does not interrupt the target's actions. Costs 25 mana, has a 20 second cooldown, and a 800 cast range. It can be used to force units over cliffs and through trees (breaking them in the process) however, there are a few ledges and pits that force cannot cross. This will set the item on cooldown without moving the targeted unit.

Heart of Tarrasque Health Regeneration:
Health Regeneration-
Regenerates 2% of the bearer's total hit points per second
Disabled if the bearer took damage from a player or from Roshan in the last 6 seconds (4 for melee)

Power Treads Switch Attribute:
Switch Attribute-
Switches the attribute that receives a bonus from Power Treads
Switches from Strength to Intelligence, Intelligence to Agility, and Agility to Strength
Does not stack with itself

Vanguard Damage Block:
Damage Block-
Gives a 70% chance to block 40 damage if the wielder is melee, or a 70% chance to block 20 damage if the wielder is ranged

Assault Cuirass Auras:
Positive Armor Aura-
+5 armor
Does not stack with armor auras from Assault Cuirass, Ring of Basilius, or Vladmir's Offering
900 AoE
Negative Armor Aura-
-5 armor
900 AoE
Attack Speed Aura-
+20 attack speed
900 AoE

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