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Sven Burgers

March 25, 2012 by Multigrain
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DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave



9 12 14 17

God's Strength

6 11 16


2 4 8 10 13

Sven Burgers

March 25, 2012


Sven is a good strength and initiator hero. With his strong hits from both his stun and attacks, it allows him to control who he wants, when he wants. He is really stats dependent and has quite a low mana pool in the early game which limits his spell casting.


To start the game off you will want to get two Gauntlets of Strength, a Tango, a Health Potion, and a Clarity. With these it will give you a good start of HP and strength to help towards your early creep farming. Sven's creep farming early game will strongly effect how useful he is in his lane.

First you can get a Bracer if things are going pretty passively or you could just use that boost of stats. Usually I just wait until I get a Soul Ring which is an item I feel is underrepresented by Sven players. It gives him that mana regeneration that he desperately needs and the HP sacrifice for mana. The HP sacrifice will give you just enough mana to cast your stun which when you run out of mana can be critical to your survival.

After that I get Power treads for its nice balance of stats. What you could do if needed is get another Bracer if you feel that you need it but if your farming good you should be fine. Then you want to start building your Crystalys. This pairs up so amazing with your ultimate which allows you to just tear through anyone like you just don't care.

Following that you will want to get a Black King Bar which is really useful. This lets u take full advantage of that massive damage you do with your ultimate on and doesn't let you just get controlled.

After this it depends on how well your doing if I'm getting really farmed I finish off Daedalus. You can also get a Heart of Tarrasque or maybe even a Blink Dagger if your having trouble initiating. Blink Dagger is very useful but I feel you can get your positioning good between your stuns / Black King Bar


Skills I find to be pretty generic on Sven like a cookie cutter. Max your stun as soon as possible for its powerful aoe stun and damage; while alternating between. For your ultimate you want to get it at the usual 6, 11, 16 marks. I personally get my Warcry starting at level 9 though if you really feel you need it earlier you can take one level in it instead of stats. Max your cleave last, its not that great early game.


When laning you want to farm farm farm and farm to your hearts desire. Be sure the person your laning with doesn't let the enemies bully you too much. Also its even better if the person your laning which has nice cc. Heroes like Windrunner is an excellent lane partner; or even Crystal Maiden. Lina could be quite useful too. Mainly what I'm trying to get at here is your cc is really helpful in setting up lane kills for heroes whos cc is easy or hard to land.

If you back when low hp or other lanes need your help your ganking ability is extremely powerful. As said before landing your stun in a gank can easily set up a kill.


In conclusion Sven is a really powerful pick on a team. He provides both great damage and cc while not being too squishy. You will want to farm strong early game to be powerful during team fights and late game. Be sure to not spam your spells early game as your mana pool is extremely small. Use spells only if you feel a kill will be gotten or to save another or yourself. Just let your lane partner waste his mana not you ;).

Please leave your comments, criticisms, or advice so improvements can be made.

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