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Sven as support

July 3, 2012 by Herbjoern
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Martyr Sven

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Purchase Order

Start 1

Animal Courier
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Gauntlets of Strength

Start 2

Observer Ward
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Gauntlets of Strength


Magic Wand
Arcane Boots
Ogre Club
Drum of Endurance

Sven is still Sven after all (core)

Black King Bar

If team deals nuff damage without you

Pipe of Insight
Flying Courier

If You somehow managed to farm

Armlet of Mordiggian
Mask of Madness
Assault Cuirass

If you can't live without it

Urn of Shadows
Stout Shield

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

10 12 13 14


2 4 8 9

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello everyone, thanks for reading this guide.
This guide shows that Sven can resign from farming, and focus on supporting carry (ranged one preferably)
However this build should not be used when there is no strong carry in team.
I honestly think that Sven is one of the less item dependent heroes which can act as semi-carry at same time, and being a threat.

(It works much better with secondary support in team)

Skill explanation

Sven can be played as support if needed, in case of such event it is always better to come prepared.

Maxingfirst to ensure that you and your lane partner are safe. This will not only stun enemy but deal enough damage to make them reconsider their attempt at kill/harassment.
(Although it costs a lot of mana)

Pickingsecond instead of stats might save your own and ally live few times. Movement speed buff is decent and it helps you chase/flee from enemy. Also armor will help your entire team in survival.

Might be problem with its mana cost, and should be used for sure kill. Sometimes its better to use mana onthan to use ultimate.

Surely it explains itself totally. (Armor cant mitigate cleave by the way, although most probably knew that)

Imagine Sven and Anti-Mage on one lane. If Sven farmed, AM would be left totally useless for entire game, without any exception. If AM farmed, Sven WILL still own if he and team play well together.

If you are on easy lane, pull every time you can unless your lane partner is in danger, or pull would cause big tower damage. More exp for him/her, better the game (most of times)

GANK mid heroes that cannot run instead of pulling

Farm EVERY TIME you can farm and when it doesn't negatively affect your own team!

Simplified build explanation

You want to pick either wards or courier. If you are forced to get everything, do so...
Yes, this annoys a lot, but losing even more. (Just take your 150-200 gold from creeps if you need it)
Helps everyone in team and give some stats. If you are out of charges, re-buy recipe.

Black King Bar! is item I take nearly every time on nearly every hero. Sven probably cannot live without it, so it doesn't need any real explanation nor picture.

If you managed to get gold somehow, and your team is not great damage dealer - go for regular Sven build. Withand/or.

If you managed to get gold somehow, and your team deals "Tons of damage" go for regular supporting build, which consistsand/or

Pros / Cons

AoE Stun with quite good damage
Good STR and AGI gain
Not that item dependent (really)
It is Sven!
If you manage to get gold somehow, both you and your lane partner will dominate game entirely

Low INT gain
Might have problems against several hero combinations
People might expect him to carry
If your lane partner can't lasthit properly,eh, you know that story... your ancient is under attack and so on...


Sven is better if his lane partner is ranged hero due to fact, that two melee heroes might get into problem even against mediocre players. There are however some exceptions to that, and also some exceptions to ranged heroes. I will try to explain it in simplified way.
If you go on lane with another support, and you are the one to farm. Go with his regular build from another guides. Or just get "Core" and "If You somehow managed to farm" items.
Lane partner with crowd control is not mandatory, but this nearly ensures first blood due to your great stun.

Sven should take enemy harassment on himself.

List of heroes that works better than rest on same lane with support Sven. (Special Mentions)
After stun, Traxex can make 100% sure silence and slow on her target, leading to an easy kill.

There are some good viable Necrolyte carry builds, and Sven is someone that can ensure those work greatly. This however require Necrolyte which knows how to not play him as support.

Very similar to Drow Ranger in terms of laning with him. He may lack silence, but makes that up with tankiness. Ward jungle as Viper's low movement speed makes him susceptible to ganks.

One of the melee heroes I would definitely want to support. His Torrent and your Stun are great combo, later on his Tidebringer and your cleave might work wonders too.

Your stun and his Waveform and Adaptive Strike are powerful combination. Just make sure you won't get ganked. Morphling low range may make it hard on some circumstances.

Last words

That was my first guide, I understand it doesn't really tell anything new, but it might open one's eyes on new Sven experience.
English is also not my first language.
I await constructive criticism, thanks again for reading my guide.

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