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Supporting with Jakiro

May 10, 2013 by GaSK
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Build 1
Build 2

Support (with courier)

DotA2 Hero: Jakiro

Purchase Order

Animal Courier
Ring of Protection
Iron Branch
Ring of Basilius
Boots of Speed
Energy Booster
Arcane Boots
Force Staff
Void Stone
Scythe of Vyse
Shiva's Guard

Hero Skills

Dual Breath

2 4 8 9

Ice Path

1 3 5 7

Liquid Fire

10 11 12 13




14 15 16 17 18

Supporting with Jakiro

May 10, 2013


First of all, English it's not my original language so, sorry for the grammar, and this is my first guide, i really like jakiro because he has the capability of be a priory target of ganks cause in the 70% or 80% of my games im such a pain in the a**, because his large stun and at max 2.2 secs make the difference if you grab the carry or the nuker.


The items are depending on if u buy the courier or if u don't, if buy it, follow the build, if u don,t, follow it as well but buy one clarity more at the beginning.

I prefer to play always the easy lane but if you play the hard lane is good as well.
Arcane boots are the best, if your partner is by example Dragon Knight you provide him a lot of mana, consequently he can spawn more his spells.

Force Staff is very good item to scape, get in battle or help a friend to scape, works for get away a friend from Pudge's ult if you have ice path on cooldown. (Ice path breaks channeling pudge ult)

Mekansm is for team fights, usually i use it when my carry is on half life or anoter guy is about to die, preferable to use to cure all of your partners.

Void stone is a part of Scythe of Vyse and gives a good bonus of mana regen, Mystic Staff its very expensive if you want to take risk and go for it first of Void Stone is your call.


I prefer to up Ice path first than Dual Breath because if you get gank at the beginning of the match you can at least stop them for a sec (literally).

The order when you are getting ganked is, ice path in the way you can trap at least 2 enemies then Dual Breath and then run for your life or use your ult to make bit of damage, if you see your partners coming then stay holding the attack and then let the carry do his job always trying to trap someone on your ice path.

That's why always you are going to take more risk cause they are going to try to gank you and push while you are dead because they dont have to worry of being trapped in the Ice path.



Very good pusher
Hard support
Item independent early game
Good stun even early game


Poor window of last hit
Easy to kill
Very slow

Friends and Foes


Sven. Good Boost and stun makes him a good lane partner
Drow. His silence and his Frost arrows are the best combo. (And don't forget his Precision aura, that makes your last hit window decent enough)
Juggernaut. His blade fury is enough to bring down any int enemy, also his healing ward
makes you get less harassed.


Nix, oh man this guy just takes 5 secs to kill you, just hits you while he is invisible stuns you, burn your mana and just remains you 2 hits max to kill you, and if he already have Dagon you are already dead. (Believe me this guy is mortal for you).

Tusk as well traps you roll to you, stuns you and hit you, the only way to get saved is using force staff, so you have to be very careful to not click in the map, instead right
on the edge of the ice shards an aply force staff, so that way you get far and his stun
doesn't reach you.

Sniper,is very annoying, he can harass you a thousand miles away and then kill you with his ult, be very careful with this guy.

Spirit breaker K.O you in 3 secs, no way you can scape, except with Ghost Scepter

The end.

Any suggestion just comment, i'll read soon as i can, so have fun and give it a try to jakiro he is very funny to play. Peace out.

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