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Support Venomancer

December 29, 2011 by CheeseN1P
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Support Venomancer

DotA2 Hero: Venomancer

Hero Skills

Poison Sting (Innate)

Venomous Gale

1 9 10 12

Plague Ward

3 4 5 7

Noxious Plague

6 11 15


16 17 18

Support Venomancer

December 29, 2011


Venomancer is a strong support character that is able to help give your carry's a good farming environment when laneing. And then when it comes time to push, You will do it very well.

Early Game

Okay first things first grab Venomous Gale. Its a great early AOE slow that will help you to avoid becoming first blood or grabbing a easy first blood for your lane buddy. Note: don't spam this in the lane it does terrible damage at level 1.

Okay now that you have your skill you need items, This guide has you playing a support role so either pick up courier or observer ward, Along with that also nab 2 Iron Branches a Clarity Pot as well as a Salve & Tango.

Pick a lane, keep in mind that in every lane you want at least one ranged hero, and guess what. You are that hero. (Unless they call solo) With that in mind lane up with a carry or a semi-carry, If you so happened to purchase wards this game ward the rune spot closest to your lane as well as Their pull spot in order to catch easy kills.

When laneing let your Lane Buddy get the last hits, if they back off and go shop feel free to nab a few in their absence. But your main focus is denying and harassing away the enemy hero’s HP and regen.

At level 2 you will take your poison sting and this will help put the hurt on the others trying to lane against you. But the most important part of this stage is don’t tank the creeps! Veno has terrible HP and tanking a lot of creep damage is the best way to give the enemy a kill.

Finally level 3, you take Plague ward. And yes you will max this first. Use your wards to provide FREE sight in the jungle to spot ganks coming for your precious carry. As well as giving you the ability to push back if you are being forced back or dived. But be careful do not feed the enemy team your wards; they do give gold if they last hit them.

Also be nice to your carry don’t randomly place wards in your lane pushing the creep wave dangerously close to their tower! Instead let the wave stay where it is, let your carry feast. Use your judgment on when it’s okay to push their tower in.

Early-ish Mid Game

All right you and your Lane buddy have done well, you got some gold and it’s time to make some purchasing decisions. The first of which should be boots, and there is really only one answer and that is arcane boots. It helps you keep your mana up and ready as well as gives you the ability to “support” any low mana team mates

At this point, you probably have noticed your squishy-ness, for health pick up a bracer and a magic wand; this will give you a bit more survive ability. As well as this is the point in the game that you will want to make the decision to either build a pipe or a mek first. The answer depends on your teammates and what they are building.

By now you are well into the mid game and people are breaking out of their lanes, there are a lot of decisions you’re going to have to make. And only playing the game will teach you what to do. But basically you’re a pusher, and if they have towers, they are all afraid of you. Just don’t over extend, be aware of the map and use your wards like they are coupons for sex that expire today.

All right cool, your either going to win or lose the game at this point. Hopefully its win, let’s say you have your mek or pipe done. Go ahead and build drums of endurance out of the bracer you picked up.

Game still not over!?

Most of the time you will have either won or lost at this point but every now and then games drag on, and you know what? you have eaten your grits and greens and its time for dessert.

Go ahead and pick up Aghanim's Scepter you've earned it you little creepy snake dude.

This makes your ult a pain in the butt to deal with, and you will hear their raging terrified screams echoing out from their dimly lit basements.


Nothing here is set in stone, you have to be flexible in your game and use your brain for your own decisions.

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