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Support / Pusher Venomancer Guide

July 11, 2012 by blazedbuddha
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Standard Support

DotA2 Hero: Venomancer

Hero Skills

Venomous Gale

1 7 9 10

Poison Sting

3 12 13 14

Plague Ward

2 4 5 8

Noxious Plague

6 11 16


15 17 18

Support / Pusher Venomancer Guide

July 11, 2012


My name is BlazedBuddha and this guide will explain how to effectively play Venomancer as a support/harasser/pusher. I will be updating this guide as needed! Thanks for taking the time to check out my guide and please feel free to constructively comment and criticize my build. If you just say, "Oh, I don't like that. I like BLAHBLAH better" without any support for your statement, please don't waste your time as I won't care. ^_^

Pros / Cons


  • Amazing pushing potential.
  • Needs little to no itemization to be effective.
  • Great at harassing and easy to last hit/deny creeps.
  • Can farm gold while not in lane (plague wards)
  • Has 3 DoTs, 2 slows, and can block enemy heroes.
  • Can easily become a semi-carry with correct itemization.


  • Weak, little HP & armor.
  • Mana dependent.
  • Ult can be wasted very easily.
  • Usually needs a teammate in engagements, but CAN 1v1 some heroes.


Venomous Gale - This is your initiation AND one of your chase down skills. However, you only need 1 point for a while, so activate the skill at level 1.

Poison Sting - Add movement slow and DoT to your right click? Yes please! Again, only 1 point is really necessary for a while, so activate at level 2.

Plague Wards - Your bread and butter. Skill up ASAP: 3,4,5,8 is typically when I level this skill. Plague wards are great for numerous reasons...

  1. Autofarm!
  2. 20 MP observation ward.
  3. Great for pushing towers/lanes.

Poison Nova - When used correctly, this is super deadly. Try to land this in the middle of the enemy team for maximum potential.

Item Overview

NOTE: The items I have listed are recommendations only! However, playing as a support you can safely purchase these as a safeguard until you learn how to better choose which items are necessary against certain heroes.

Start of the Game

If you are the main support,courier is always a must. Without a courier, YOU WILL LOSE FARM.

I purchase aRing of Protection for the quick 2+ armor and potential to buildRing of Basilius.
Tango allows for you to heal in lane. I typically only purchase one as I have learned to play carefully with Venomancer and avoid getting hit early game.
Clarity allows for you to regen mana for multiple gales and many wards.
2x Iron Branch gives you +38 HP, +0.06 HP Regen, +2 Attack Speed, +0.28 Armor, +26 MP, and +0.08 MP Regen, which helps bolster your defenses and attacks early game and allows for the build into Magic Wand!

Early Game

PurchaseFlying Courier ASAP as it will benefit your entire team!!

I usually like to build myRing of Basilius first for the +0.65 mana regen / +2 armor aura. Just remember to turn it off so you do not over push your lane as the active aura spills over to your creeps.

I typically getBoots of Speed next to help with escaping and chasing enemies.
Magic Wand is next for the HP & MP replenishing property as to not waste more money on tangos, claritys, etc.
Power Treads are the best boots for Venomancer IMHO! Its versatility greatly benefits Venomancer. I recommend leaving them in Strength most of the time for the extra health. However, Agility allows for extra armor, attack speed, and damage output letting you farm faster or DPS an enemy down quicker. Enemy escaping and you are just short of a gale? Pop them into Intelligence and let it fly! Remember to use your wards effectively and block their escape route every couple seconds as well!

Mid Game

Along withObserver Wards as needed, you will probably need at least 2/3 of the mid game items I listed.

Truthfully, I really only purchaseMekansm when my team is currently losing. It's great for the +5 armor, +5 all attributes, and +4 HP regen in a 500 radius. Mekansm's heal is wonderful for reinvigorating your allies in/out of fights with a 250 HP heal and +2 armor bonus for yourself and allies for 25 seconds.
Eul's Scepter is a great item as a support AND for Venomancer. The intellect and mana regen allow for more wards and gales. The movement speed gives Venomancer a better chance at escaping and for chasing enemies. Most importantly, the cyclone gives you an opportunity to remove yourself from being targeted in team fights, remove an enemy from a team fight, AND another way to slow/stop heroes from escaping alive.
Pipe of Insight is a must have for supports a lot of the time. +11 HP regen and 30% Magic Resist really helps to buff up poor Veno's defenses! However, the real utility of this item is the AoE Shield which blocks 400 Spell Damage. It also has a 1 minute cooldown! Pipe is wonderful for team fights and as a preemptive shield when going uphill into the unknown...

Late Game

Aghanim's Scepter... just get it. It will boost your already super power ultimate ability and give you a multitude of stats!!


Essentially, these items are only to be purchased if you were allowed to farm by the other team!! Otherwise, save your money for wards, smoke, dust, etc.
Orchid Malevolence is one of my favorite items to purchase if I was able to farm quite a bit in a game. It just supercharges Venomancer and allows for nonstop wards, gales, and I always have mana for an ultimate with Orchid.
Shadow Blade is one of my absolutely favorite items to get on farmed Venomancer. Typically, by the time I have purchased one and have already solo pushed at least 1-2 towers does the other team have the capability to counter the invisible destruction you have already wrecked upon their lanes.
Sange and Yasha is another fun item to purchase as a farmed Venomancer. Just like Orchid, it is a supercharger!

Playing as an Effective Support

TO DO LISTED! Coming very soon.

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