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Support Gyrocopter

May 18, 2013 by knightsljx
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Gyrocopter

Hero Skills

Chop Shop (Innate)

Rocket Barrage


Homing Missile


Flak Cannon

3 4 5 7

Call Down

6 11 16


8 9 10 12 13 14 15 17 18

Why Support Gyrocopter?

Gyrocopter is a strong support for the following reasons

- Is a ranged hero. With Flak Cannon, his range is actually 1000
- High movement speed
- Strong early game. Rocket Barrage is one of the strongest nuke at level 1. With a stunner, it's a potential first blood. It also discourages harassing from enemy melee
- No mana issues. With a Ring of Basilius and then an Aquila with Magic Wand, Gyro is pretty much set for mana for the entire game.
- Scales well into the late game. In a long game, most supports fall off. Gyro can transit into late game with some damage items and even a comeback carry role with a Divine Rapier
- Able to flash farm with Flak Cannon/ Rocket Barrage. This is the most underrated characteristic supports should have. Supports need to keep up with warding/dust/smoke, which is a high drain on gold. To let your carry have the lane, supports need to be able to farm NC or get support kills. Taking up the role of buying consumables free up your other supports to get utility items. A good support isn't one that ends up with nothing but a Boots and Magic Wand 30min into the game.
- Good team fight AOE skills. Call Down is a very strong team fight AOE, slowing all caught in the blase while doing good damage. It also has reasonable mana cost and cool down. Flak Cannon allows Gyro to clear pesky creeps while outputting damage from range.
- Rocket Barrage and Homing Missile doesn't scale well. This is an advantage as this means Gyro can just put his skill point into stats, increasing his survivability as a support without having to buy items.
- Good push/counter-push. 2 words: Flak Cannon.
- like Mek/Pipe/Eul's/Force Staff

Gyrocopter has his share of weaknesses

- Squishy Agi hero. Can be brought down easily if caught out
- Homing Missile not a guaranteed stun
- Rocket Barrage requires Gyro to be right up the enemy's grill

Laning Phase

Buy basic items and either courier observer wards. Harass the enemy if possible. Pull NC if possible.

If enemy is ganking your carry or lane farmer, target the most dangerous enemy with homing missile immediately. Turn on Rocket Barrage and help your lane partner by body blocking. The Rocket Barrage will discourage the enemy from chasing.

If YOU are being ganked, turn on Rocket Barrage and run.

If your team is ganking and if you're setting up, get out of vision and launch Homing Missile. If not, time your homing missile to hit after the initiator's stun wear off. Turn on Flak Cannon and start hitting lane creeps. Yes, lane creeps. You are a squishy Agi support, you want to stay out of the battle while helping with the gank. Hitting lane creeps allow you to do damage from a safe distance.

Mid Game


Late Game


The Comeback

If your team is going down, tell the current carry to GTFO of the way and let you farm Divine Rapier. Everyone else on the team should become tanks for you. Pray you win team every team fight and don't die. Get Roshan for Aegis whenever he comes back.

Again, make sure you target lane creeps or the nearest hero.

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