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Support build!

November 11, 2017 by CaptainClueless101
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DotA2 Hero: Pangolier

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Poor support

You did better than that Invoker( so now rat)

You want to go greedy Support

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Shield Crash

2 4 8 11


9 13 14 17

Rolling Thunder

6 12 16


10 15

Hero Talents

-35s Rolling Thunder
-3s Swashbuckle Cooldown
+20 Strength
+40 Swashbuckle Damage
+2s Rolling Thunder Duration
2s Shield Crash CD in Ball
+25 Movement Speed
+1.5 Mana Regen


Click bait warning. I lied. Not a support build as in you will be buying couriers and wards(You should, because they save you more money in the end).

I feel like everyone is trying to build a right click Pango while hoping to survive because of the damage reduction. You won't survive because by the time damage reduction becomes important, you would have feed so much that it won't matter.

Now I say support because when I think I am playing a support, I try to stay in the back lines, trying to use my spells to save people before jumping in on the kills. It's better if you don't get the kills, you don't scale. That's probably the point of this. You don't right click. You can snowball, but not into a right clicker.

What Pango is not

A right clicker: We got that out of the way. Your Q can apply effects, but most effects don't do enough damage. You can't compare that to ES mini omnislash. It scales. You don't. Also your passive is not reliable, 15% chance would mean that you attack around a lucky 5 times. And frankly you can't take 4 hits in the early game and manage to turn around the fight just because the passive kicked in. So not MK jingo either.

A true support : No items on CM by 12 minutes? No problem. Only need ulti and mana regen from you. No items on a Pango? Ggwp. You can farm the lanes at frightening speed, this build allows you to. But that's it. You need money, coz innately you don't provide anything.
I mean like healing, or vision, or disables.

Disabler: I lied again. Your ultimate does disable. But not a reliable one. And again, don't compare it with Tusk snowball. Not an initiator as well.

Glass cannon: Ummm... By definition a glass cannon hits hard and fast, without having health. He does not have health, sure. But does not hit hard either. The nuke is great, but not close to a Pugna or Sky. Or PA, actually.

So what the @#%k does he do?

None of the above. And everything.

Remember that one time you wondered why is Windrunner an intelligence hero? Clearly she can right click (Slasher I think), then why?

Pango is an intelligence hero. I mean at the start should be played like one. Or like Ember. You rely on your skills, but skills alone will not be enough. You either can ramp up the magic damage, or wait for right clicking to become significant.

Pango cannot ramp up the magic, because the cool down of his nuke is 12(before level 25). And I think he can't right click. So what does he do?

Wait for it...

He can

Get in and out.
That's it. Nothing about his kit is more obvious than that. My playstyle revolves around this, so keep a close eye.

What you do

You can get it and out. Not like Slark, coz he right clicks and is cancer. Don't play Slark.

So all items which need you to be close to the intended target are in. Want to save a stupid PA who followed a Drow into base at 15 minutes? Get mek, roll in. Stun if you can or else heal and out.

Shiva's? Sure. Radiance? Damn right. Take any item that you need to get off. Add Pango. Now you can and get out.

Now you may be down voting this guide, and I guess why not, but try before you do. Probably the most versatile hero in Dota is here. Frog made it in a way that it's all he can do. No right clicks, no nukes. Reliant on items, but does not need mobility.

Seriously what do you do

Get arcanes. Get drums. Get talent for mana regen. Now you can farm lanes using your Q and W. I generally go drums to Shiva's and radiance. But I'm a bad player.

In team fights, wait in the trees. If someone is about to die roll in, Stun, try to turn and W and out. If you can pull it off, great. Otherwise, you tried.

Now observe. Does your team constantly die? Get something like a mek or pipe. You will use the armor, because later the damage reduction is way better than in mid game.

Although I always go for Shiva's. Reduced enemy damage output, you get armor and a nuke. Just a casual RoH, you never go to base again.

And other items which need positioning (ugh dagon*cough*). Go for it. If you are winning. Or go radiance. And octarine. I don't care



For the wall of text. It's my first time.

And for the stupid build. It's my first time.

Just try and remember. You either snowball and win, or you don't. Extending a game means you lose, coz someone will scale better. Ending early, and you won't do anything other than getting in and out. Sweet balance between items.

I hope I could explain it well. Unfortunately there is no hero that is only mobility and no scale. I guess Storm. But silences. You are not afraid to go in. Or get killed. Hopefully the damage reduction saves you. Best of luck.

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