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Super Healer Oracle (Toxic Guide) XD

October 30, 2017 by HenokhS
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DotA2 Hero: Oracle

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Super Healer Oracle (Toxic Guide) XD

October 30, 2017

When to play Oracle

When you pick oracle?
-When you need a great healer beside Omniknight or Dazzle.
-When your teammate pick satanic holder, ex : PA, Sven.
-When your teammate pick Omniknight or Dazzle.
-When there is no axe, mana burner or silencer.
-When your enemy pick hero with KS ability ex : Necro, Sniper.
-When you want to troll your team. XD

Item, Skill, Strategy

I suggest you to buy tango, salve, 2 observer, 2 clarity, smoke if you want to gang, and also a courier. Leaving you with 10 gold, try to steal your teammate bounty rune, JK. Roam all day long while stacking neutral and stealing enemy bounty (risky but 60 extra gold help you buy ward). Don't forget to place ward nub XD. Always bully your enemy with Purifying Flames followed by Fortune's End. If your carry bullied always heal them using Fate Edict followed by Purifying Flames. Deep dive the enemy by using your False Promise to your carry, that's why you need a carry with high mobility. You can get Arcane Boots first or Urn first. Arcane gives you mana and Urn gives you mana regeneration while you can double the heal from urn by using False Promise. Mekansm is your core. Mekasnm give AoE heal for your team. Not only that, if you use False Promise to your Ally, Mekansm will be doubled, it means you can heal 500 hp. If you have Omni in your team, it will be insane cause your carry is absolutely immortal (if he dont dive too deep), Omni heal 300 HP, Doubled = 600 XD. After Mekasnm you should get force staff or eul. after getting all of those. You should get Aghanim, or Greaves. Greaves work like Mekansm, i suggest you to get Aghanim first, why? Cause it reduce your Purifying Flames cooldown to 1 second, are you serious 1 second? Yes, it means when you use your Fate Edict, you can heal someone 4 times using your 1 second heal. 4 x 396 = 1584, NOOOO.. Combined to octarine? NOOOOOOOOO... Seriously OP healer. You just need to see your carry fight and go back until they need healing. Positioning is important to play oracle, as long as your enemy don't see you, your carry is safe (if your carry don't get perma stunned). Hide in tree or use Glimmer to hide. But Oracle is not too OP if there is Axe in your enemy team. Culling Blade still can kill your teammate even if you use False Promise. Scythe of Vyse and Rod of Atos help you disable your enemy.


I suggest to take 20 Xp earn because you need Xp to get your potential as a great healer. 60 GPM, you need money to be an OP healer. 20 Int is useful because 25 MS doesn't help you run from the battle. 2+s False Promise help your carry so much. 2s more to dive the fountain.

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