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Suck my Puck

February 25, 2013 by Burdturd
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Solo Puck

DotA2 Hero: Puck

Hero Skills

Illusory Orb

1 3 5 7

Waning Rift

4 8 9 10

Phase Shift

2 12 13 14

Dream Coil

6 11 16


15 17 18

Suck my Puck

February 25, 2013

Early Game

You'll need a ward because once you farmed your bottle, you'll need to gank as much as possible because you'll pretty much be useless in the late game. You'll need to get Phase shift at least level one to dodge harassment from your opponents since you're one of the squishiest hero in the game also one of the hardest to kill since you have your illusory orb and your phase shift. If you can use your Phase Shift properly then it'll be nearly impossible for the Pudge to land that hook.

Mid Game

Once you're farmed enough to get your blink and your level 14. It'll be nearly impossible to kill you if you know how to use your illusory orb and just play games with your opponents.
You'll probably be the initiator for your team because you can just illusory orb in then use your silence, you'll then just need to pop your ult and your team will do the rest. U have to use your ult in team fights because landing it on just 1 person won't help.

Late Game

You're pretty useless in the late game unless you farmed your sheep stick then you can just keep spamming it on the other team's carry. You'll be considered as food in the late game since you just can't do much damage except landing your ult and just keeping the enemies in one small area. For a puck you won't usually get that farmed because your not a carry and if you're doing too good in the early game then the game will probably end at like 40 minutes so Puck barely ever gets to a point where he farmed is shiva's.

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