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Storm the place !

April 25, 2013 by GGnet.Ace
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Build 1
Build 2

Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit

Hero Skills

Galvanized (Innate)

Static Remnant

1 15

Electric Vortex

4 8 9 10


2 3 5 7

Ball Lightning

6 11 16


12 13 14 17 18

Introduction Pros Cons

Storm spirit is an intelligence hero,unlike most of them storm spirit is a #2 and like most of them storm spirit is a ganker.One of my all time favourite heroes since I ve seen Yamateh playing him.

High armor for intelligence hero
Good last hit damage and animation
Very mobile (Ball Lighting)
Great ganking power

Mana dependent
Vunerable to silence

Best allies

Since storm spirit is a ganker all he needs is some initiaton if he doesnt initiates himself or some followup damage of his fellow gankers.Examples of best allies are:
Bounty Hunter,Lion,Lina,Keeper of the Light,Crystal maiden,Chaos Knight,Black King Bar
Special mention to Lifestealer who can infest you and you basicly offer him a free blink dagger by Ball Lighting in.Plus he will do followup damage to your initiation

Worst enemies

Heroes you can silence you or hex you and you are dead so simply.
Drow Ranger,Death Prophet,Rhasta,Lion,Nightstalker,Orchid malevolance
Special mention Doom Bringer that son of a just clicks doom to you and you die right after unless you got a linkens sphere so he has to use lvl death first.
Note:Doom goes through bkb so bkb isnt a solution for doom.
Special mention #2 Silencer that dirty bastard can use global silence and wherever you may be you will die from his allies or him.
Note:Global silence goes through BKB but if you get silenced first and then use BKB you debuff global silence

Laning phase

Since Storm spirit needs his level 6 (for ball lighting) desperately and some more levels. Middle lane is the best choice overall.Go the middle lane and try to not to miss any of your first last hits because they are the most crucial.Also you can choose to max overload or electric vortex
Note:In pro games storms max electric vortex for more stun.Personally I prefer overload as 13abyKnight used to play.
Your next item choice should be based on how well you farm and how much your team needs you.
If you are farming well and your team needs you get wand Tp scroll and boots
and start ganking the sidelane and aim for orchid right after by getting 2 robes of magic.
If you are farming well and your team doesnt need you I suggest that you get arcane boots and disassemble them later on for making your bloodstone.
Note:If you are on the dire middle lane consider using your tangoes for clearing the one tree above roshan that will allow you to shop without having to rotate around
If you arent farming well pick 2 nulls boots n wand to boost your last hitting power and your killing potential.
Normally on level 7 you should be able to jump on an enemy hero and kill him (unless he is too tanky,has silence,or is the enemy midder) with doing the following things,Jump on high with ball lighting (if he isnt farther than 300 mana) hit him with 1st overload hit,hit him again, then use electric vortex,hit him and use remenant at the same time and as electric vortex stops jump on him again and finish him off.
Note:If you played with max overload your damage should be sufficient so you can solo kill him,but if you played with max electric vortex you have more stun but less damage so you will probably need some followup from your teammates.

This phase ends when you have got the crucial levels of ganking and you are farming the enemy heroes,or when you have finished your core bloodstone,Orchid or Black King Bar.At around 12-15 minute mark.

Mid game

At this point your hero becomes a monster.After getting your first big item Consider getting bkb/linkens if you have some annoying enemy that silences you.If not you can procced on picking the Scythe of Vyse which will give you mana and even more killing power.
Keep solo killing enemy heroes if you are finding them all alone but keep an eye on your mana so it doesnt get to low.You should always save some and be ready to Ball lighting out and tp out (abuse highgrounds in this)
Note:If the enemy team has Ursa,Lycanthrope or any hero with potential to take roshan at this stage of the game or earlier steal aegis like PGG .
Tell your supports to place wards all over the enemy jungle after all enemy tier 1 towers are down and prepare to farm the enemy team.

This phase ends when you are starting to push the tier 3 towers of the enemy team.Or when you get a Scythe of Vyse.

Late Game

At this point your damage shouldnt be sufficient to kill enemy hard carry all alone unless you are way too farmed .So you just need to initiate on the right enemy with good timing.
I suggest after you ball lighting in you save your orchids and scythe of vyse and zip zap a bit because not everyone from your team has such a long range blink and just create a distruction to the enemy team (this can be proved dangerous if they have silences and you dont have a bkb).
Then Use Vortex on the enemy carry and right after use guinso,orchid or even both.
Repeat until you win the teamfight,the key on winning the teamfight as well is isolating and killing an enemy support hero before tf happens.

Explaining more

Storm Spirit's best partner is orchid malevolance.The reason why orchid is so great is because its slowly built from small items and it boosts your damage on hit,your mana pool and regen and your damage overall by amplifying 20% and it silences the casters for 5 seconds, that hold you in place or silence you.
Special mention to Black King Bar although you Rarely see that in pubs BKB is also great on Storm Spirit because once you stop zip zaping you will get silenced stun or held in place and die.
Bloodstone is pretty much a luxury and a pubstomp item but it works like a snowball.After you get your first 5 charges (totally 11) you have mana forever.
Scythe of Vyse is the most necessary late game storm spirit item.
Simply because Scythe of Vyse is the best item of dota and it works greater on you because it gives you 35 damage and insane mana regen.

Situational items are Euls for self use to get rid of silence,Eye of Skadi (way too much money),all damage items because you dont do physical damage so no reason to boost it unless your carry sucks balls.

Note:Your hero can cast Static remenant while on Ball Lighting or any kind of item.

Storm Spirit players

In Asia Storm Spirit players are :YYF,Yamateh,Hyhy,X,ZSMJ
With most old school player Yamateh from which I ve first seen using Black King Bar
and YYF completely owning with Storm.With X during the golden Ehome era showing this hero to the world
In Europe Storm players are :Pgg,Misery,Light of Heaven,
Seeker their replays either in or in vs TyJ.LGD CH vs Ehome vs Ehome

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