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Storm Spirit::Feel My Thunder

January 3, 2013 by inEngel
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SS:Mid-Lane Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit

Hero Skills

Static Remnant

1 3 9 12

Electric Vortex

5 10 17 18


2 4 7 8

Ball Lightning

6 11 16


13 14 15

Storm Spirit::Feel My Thunder

January 3, 2013


This a guide to storm spirit. I am currently working on this build and plan to add a jungling storm spirit build to this.

Storm Spirit is a hero that excels in control and positional play. By playing smart you can dominate most opponenents with little trouble between your leash slow and jump abilities. It is important that you be careful about your overload charges. In 99% of the time you should not cast two spells back to back instead you should auto attack between casting spells in order get the maximum damage and not waste overload charges. Overload will not store additional charges whether you cast one spell or two only the next attack will have the overload modifier attached to the attack.

As always if you have any comment, questions, concerns or complaints please leave a comment below. I ask that you provide constructive criticism in order to allow me to improve the guide.

Items Build Specifics (Please Read This)

There are several very specific orders for items with this build that both maximize your potential and minimize the money you have to spend.

You should start off with a fast bottle. With the starting items specified you will have left over gold and only need approximately 5 last hits for a bottle.

You then proceed into arcane boots (if you are having trouble you can also grab a null talisman here for a little more stats).

After you have purchased your perseverance you should buy a vitality booster, point booster. You now have your bloodstone. Dissassemble your arcane boots pick up the energy booster first and then your boots and you will have a fully completed bloodstone. From there finish treads and oblivions staffs as you get money. Focus on ganking to get charges for your bloodstone and if your having trouble with the enemy carry you can swap out the orchid of malevolence with a sheep stick.

You should have your bloodstone and treads approximately 20 minutes into the game if things are going okay. When I say okay I mean that you are not getting fed and that you are not feeding either.

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