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Still a Knight... a Rogue Knight

January 23, 2014 by Rogue_Knight
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Carry the Sh*t out of them!

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

9 10 12 13


8 14 15 17

God's Strength

6 11 16


2 4 18

Still a Knight... a Rogue Knight

January 23, 2014

How to beat them like the noobs they are

What you need to do to get the Strength of a God

You want to know how to carry?
Its easy just follow this guide of awesomeness and win the games!

Early Game

The game beginns and you need someone who supports you and help you to get kills and farm. For these roles are supporters like Ogre Magi or Crystal Maiden perfect. They have a stun and they deal some dmg. If you work well with them you have stuns that nukes the enemies and you can finish them with a few hits. But thats not the regular case. If this happens you will be luky but it wont work like you wish cuz your enemies arent that ******ed. You have to focus on CS!!! If you miss some creeps you cant call yourself a knight anymore. You need that fking money to get the Strength of a GOD!


This is the one point where you need map awareness. Try always to carry a port scroll. If you see someone who nearly gets killed at a tower try to port and stund the enemy. If you done your job well you will be the hero. If your not its ok cuz your teamm8 died and not you. With a nice mapawareness and stacks of your Magick Stick you can get a few kills with early ganking.

Mid Game

Your team is trying to group up and both teams want that teamfight. Now its your time to shine. Place your stun in these situations on the most enemies as possible. Now you should got your Mask of Madness and a Ogre Axe. After you stun goes in you join the fight with your ult on and your activated Mask of Madness. If you could get the kill TAKE IT!!! You are the fking Carry and you deserve it! Never forget that your Mask doont only give younice buffs it also makes you to take more dmg so use it carfully and try to avoid getting stunned with your mask on. You will be food. But if the teamfight got well for you and your team took some towers you can buy BKB and beat them like the noob they are. Always activate BKB and your ult before you go in. If you activated both use immediatly your stun and use Mask of Madness. Now your the God. nobody can do **** and you can beat them with your mighty long and hard.... you know what i mean <_< .... >_> a sword

Late Game

If you still play the game after you got your Daedalus you done something wrong or your team s*ck. However you got this point this is getting to be funny as f*ck. You will be like a God. You only need 2 or 3 hits to kill a supporter or a caster. Maybe 3 hits against another carry with lifesteal. If you play this game for so long you dont know what to buy try to sell your BKB and buy another one. Never sell you ******* port scroll. If the time is right you will def your bese and beat the fking Furion or whoever is pushing. Overall your playstyle doesnt chang and you still run in and kill the noobs.

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