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Stats to VICTORY <3

December 18, 2012 by Singlish
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DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Nature's Call

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Stats to VICTORY <3

December 18, 2012


Hello Peeps,

So here's my 1st guide so any mistake or anything you wish to point out you can leave a comment on the section below :D

My guide is how to play Furion LIKE A BOSS..

for SOME of you guys might have seen or tried this build before.
I tried this build for 10 matches and I only lose 1 round. I know that u will say Furion is a pusher and a ganker. So why didnt i add 'Nature Call'?? because if you notice this is a carry version of furion.

Anyway,I am going to emphasize more on Furion's role on the next few chapters.

Pros & Cons

- Incredibly mobile
- Good stats gain
- Excellent farming speed after midas!
- Fits well in carry or pushing build
- Deals heavy damage
- teleport CD faster than teleport scroll upon max
- NC with ease
- Last hit hero

- Item dependent
- No Stun or Slow
- Sprout require timing and accuracy
- No escape skill and quite paper
- Requires good map awareness

Picking Hero and Lane.

So, Furion or No Furion?

Guys, its a 5v5 game not 1v1...Like i say my furion build is a carry version and not a pusher.
So beat it your team is full of mid or late game heroes furion will perfectly fit in.

Whether you are in RADIANT or DIRE NEVER take MID. Why? i tell you why.

Firstly, you dont have any harassing skill so by taking the middle lane wll be your BIGGEST dis-advantage thus you will start roaming around to gang and K.S when you have sprout and teleportation.

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