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November 19, 2011 by dirrwen
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Jungle Enchantress

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Hero Skills



Nature's Attendants


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Sproink! This is my Enchantress guide, covering the jungle playstyle. I won't go over laning much. Enchantress herself is a very offensive int. hero, who is able to charm neutral creep ala Chen, but only for a limited time. Thus, you must make the most use out of your creeps in this time, but on the bright side it's not THAT big of a deal if they die. While being an offensive hero, she is incredibly freakin squishy, it's ridiculous. 1 Str gain! She is probably the squishiest hero in the game, but luckily her gameplay revolves around dealing heavy damage from a safe distance, while using her creeps to tank and their respective abilities.


Here I'll go over Enchantress's skills and how to use them, if you want detailed numbers go here


This is your passive, and goodness, is it welcomed on such a squishy hero. This nullifies creep aggro when harassing in lane, and allows you to tank neutrals if your charmed friend died. It also discourages DPS form focusing you too much. Pretty simple ability, but nonetheless a good'un.
*This is maxed last for jungle Enchantress, second for lane Enchantress.


The bread and butter, this allows you to charm a creep for a limited time, great for jungling and ganking. If cast on an enemy hero, it slows considerably, giving yet another great ganking potential in one skill!
*Max this first for jungle Enchantress, last for laning.

Nature's Attendants

This summons some little fairy nurses to patch up all your nearby buddies, great for staying alive by granting ******ed health regen for a time, and is useful for pushing and helping the team in clashes.
*We max it second in jungle, first in lane.


This is your orb, and it pwns. Simple as that. Once you get this, you become a dps monster, doing more damage the safer you are, away from the fight. Crazy! If you are laning Enchantress, you officially own your lane once you hit 6.


Cool, now for some item explanations.

Starting items

These can vary a little, but I generally go for the ones listed ^^ for a fast RoB. If you have no better Urn holder on the team, start out with some Str gauntlets instead for a quick Urn, you are a great carrier of it. Note: you won't be able to afford the tangoes by a couple gold at the start, if you want them you can get em via courier right after creeps spawn. Of course, always courier mana and health to you when you need it.

Early game items

Your early game items should consist of either a RoB or Urn (preferably Urn, but if there is a better Urn carrier on the team let them get it) for mana, and definitely at least one Bracer, cause your strength gain is literally 0 (might as well be >.>). Magic Wand is mandatory on every hero in the game, and Treads are boots of choice for the small hp boost. You can also put them on Int while jungling to abuse the mana, but please, until you get your core items leave them on Str when you're dealing with enemy heroes.

Core items

Agha's is absolutely core, it boosts your attack range to a ridiculous 715, allowing you to rape face while skirting even farther back. Absolutely the first big item to go for. Force Staff is debatable in most cases, but I put it in core for a couple reasons: You can abuse it to increases the damage of your ult, save allies from stuff like Clock's Cogs, and most importantly it gives you a "proper" escape mechanic if you get caught off guard.

Luxury items

Guinsoo's is the ultimate item for pretty much every single Int hero, and Enchantress is no exception. Do I really need to say why? It's just amazing, get it in most cases after core. Need some AoE? Dps still raping you? Get a Shiva's. Gives a respectable Int pool, much needed armor, and some form of AoE. Hood and Heart both give hardcore defense, if you're getting raped by casters or just need to stay out in the wilds a little longer, both of these can help.

Optional items

Orchid and be a viable replacement for Guinsoo's after you get Agha's (and maybe Force) only in certain circumstances, where an extra couple seconds of silence is more important than a total disable. The only downside to this item compared to Guinsoo is that it gives NO surviveability at all, so in most cases Guinsoo is superior. STILL getting raped by DPS? Get a Ghost Scepter, and probably lose anyways cause you let the enemy carry farm so much. Eul's can be a "viable" replacement for Guinsoo/Orchid if you aren't doing well, but you don't really have any gamebreaking CD's to cyclone yourself to wait for, or any other powerful disables to chain with it, like most Eul's holders, so in most cases just try to get Guinsoo...

Jungle creeps

Here is a quick list of all the cuddly jungle creeps, the ones you want to charm, and the ones.. not so much.

1-The Centaur Khan is definitely the best creep for you to charm, all game. He is pretty tanky, and his stun is powerful through all stages. If you find one of these critters, take him and immediately go gank some stuff.
2-The Furbolg Ursa Warrior is the next best creep after the Centaur, he lacks the stun of the Centaur but his Thunder Clap does much more damage, and sometimes the damage and slow is greater than just a stun.
3-The Wildkin is the tankiest creep, because of his armor aura. Even with his Tornado he doesn't do much damage, though, so he's really only good for tanking in the jungle, and his armor aura and tornado can be pretty useful in a fight if well positioned.
4-The Troll Warlord can be pretty useful with his net, and his skellies are good for pushing. Overall not as useful as the others, but good for ganking -> pushing.
5-The Satyrs can each be kinda useful. The purge from the Trickster is pretty cool against people like Omni, Warlock etc., the mana burn from the Soulstealer is... meh. The best one, though, is the Hellcaller. He has low armor, so he's pretty squishy, but his shockwave is good for pushing and his Hp regen aura is nice with your Attendants.
-6 most of the small creeps can be situationally useful with their abilities. Most notable are the Troll Priest with his heal, and the Harpy's lightning. If you find a troll, tell him to go hang out with your carry for a while, the heals are pretty cool. The Harpy's lightning is pretty good for pushing an empty lane, but if you send them against enemies they will probably just die, feeding the enemy gold.

Early jungling

You should most likely start the game off in the jungle. When the jungle creeps spawn, quickly scout out your jungle for a Centaur or Furbolg. If you found one, enjoy your first blood :) If not, take whatever you can and farm a little till you find a ganking creep. You aren't a carry like Lycan, you shouldn't just afk rice the jungle. Even if you can't find any ganking creeps, you have a potent slow with Enchant, so ganking always takes priority over farming. If the enemies are turtling, grab a Wildkin and towerdive them to put the pressure on. Just have the Wildkin tank the turret, and throw a few attacks and spells on. Fall back once the Wildkin gets low, you don't wanna feed the turling enemies more xp and gold. Be sure to communicate with your laners that you aren't looking for a kill, so they don't go rambo or flame you, you're only putting pressure on. If you're sure you can get the kill, it's never bad the at least try. If they turn out tougher than you thought, just fall back with no harm done, since your Wildkin should be tanking.

Post jungling

After your early ganking phase, Enchantress falls off a bit. You should start to farm more and more, going for Agha's. Once you get it, you can start to become more active, roaming with your team and staying back in team fights. Always always stay way in the back, you're still mega squishy. Use your ult on autocast in teamfights, dishing out lots of pure damage, and don't forget to Attend to your allies. Your creeps start to become less and less useful, but you become more useful yourself, dishing out your own damage and relying on the creeps less. You should be able to scale considerably well until super super late game, with your pure damage(though games rarely last this long).


Thanks for giving the time to read my Enchantress guide, if you have any suggestions or critiques, go ahead! Don't forget to comment and rate ^.^ See ya next time :D

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