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Spirit Breaker -kill Everybody

August 12, 2016 by rekcaeb tirips
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Build 1
Build 2

max speed

DotA2 Hero: Spirit Breaker

Hero Skills

Charge of Darkness

1 12 13 14


3 8 9 10

Greater Bash

2 4 5 7

Nether Strike

6 11 16


15 17 18

Spirit Breaker

I love to use Spirit Breaker because he usually gets me a lot of kills. Spirit Breaker is Great when there is an enemy with low hp around where ever they are. Spirit Breaker can charge at anyone and kill them easily.

The things that I don't like about spirit breaker is the fact that he is weak against Euls Scepter of Divinity due to it being able to stop Spirit Breaker while he is charging. I also dont like the fact that he kinda sucks at farming if there is a ranged hero waiting to kill me. He also sucks when he gets slowed and stunned a lot because alp he does is hit and run.

My main stratergy with Spirit Breaker is to go in for the kill then get outta there. I should be able to move faster then anyone else due to having maximum speed.

Why did I choose these items? Build 1

Monkey Kings Bar and Abysmal Blade are good due to thier ability to stun the Target. It helps if Charge of Darkness and Nether Strike are not enough to kill.

The rest of the items are meant to give speed. They also give some stats in other things as well.

why did I choose these items? Build 2

Well if it isn't already obvious, I chose th so you can do maximum damage. Also, stunning then will stop them from hitting you as much


Charge of Darkness is an important skill because it makes you charge and bash them which sets up the kill or kills the enemy if they have low health. It is the most important skill in this guide.

Empowering Haste gives Spirit Breaker even more speed. Its speed boost is useless due to you having maximum speed.

Greater Bash is also an important skill. It is just as important as Charge of Darkness. It is what makes Spirit Breaker good.

Nether Strike is used to further stun and damage enemies when Charge of Darkness is not enough.

Chapter Title

This is my first guide so I hope it helps!

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