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Speed is key!

January 26, 2015 by RE91
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Mid - Speed

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Speed is key!

January 26, 2015

Gotta shoot faster! FASTER!


This is my first build here on DotaFire, and i am going to present my personal favorite build for Sniper! I am not a pro player and many advanced players might think this build sucks, but i find it very powerful!

My English might be little rusty, if you find something that needs a fixing, do please tell me and it shall be fixed!

My way to play Sniper:

This build is mainly for attack speed.
As a Sniper, i start at mid.
At early game, i go for 4 pair of "Slippers of agility" for slight damage and attack speed boost. You may ask tango from support if you think you need one.

As soon as possible, you should get "Power Treads" first and set attribute for agility. After this you will need "Shadow blade" you will gain more attack speed and damage and also protection against enemies or better ganking chances until they start using wards, dust and gem.

When you have reached at level 6 or higher, start ganking other lanes. If mid is pushing hard, ask someone from other lane to mid while you go for ganking.

Usually at this point i have either of sold or stashed one or more of "Slippers of agility" to have space for teleport scroll and items needed for "Mjollnir".
When starting to build "Mjollnir", buy "Hyperstone" first, and then build rest of the item.
As soon as you will get "Mjollnir" your attack speed will be much greater and you are now able to kill enemy creeps efficiently and start pushing.

I was not sure if to add "Butterfly" to situational items or not, but i usually choose to take it because of 25% evasion and +40 agility

IF tables turn and enemies get pushed your barracks down and you are still trying to fight, you could just stay in front of your Ancient and kill every single pushing creep while letting your teammates to try push and win the game.

Situational items:

- Monkey King Bar is very good and suggested against enemies that have evasion or item that grants you evasion.

- Satanic might not be the best item for this build, but if you need life steal, this is your item, also sniper does not have much health, so this is also a nice health boost.

- Abyssal Blade is very effective damage booster, while you also have better chance for stuns + "active: Overwhelm" 2 second stun that goes through spell immunity

- Desolator makes armored enemies take more damage while boosts your damage

- Daedalus for chance to make more damage while boosting your damage with +81, much damage with this attack speed build

- Divine Rapier when you want to do very much damage to enemies, but this will is bad if enemies blink and dust you to your death.

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