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Spectre's HateorLove Build

December 27, 2013 by BIGASIANBASTARD
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Generally Works

DotA2 Hero: Spectre


This is my unconventional item build for pub Spectre. This Spectre build is for people who have gotten tired of the Vanguard/Radiance or Desolator/Manta Style builds or who just don't like them. I think this build is BETTER than any other build because it's cheaper and allows Spectre to be the natural chase hero that it's meant to be. This guide is more focused on the item build and why it works.
For Spectre players that do not know how to play her, I explain the basics.

Spectre is a hero that has virtually no lane presence. Your farm is dependent on ally support presence/ganks. I give both bad and good scenarios and what to do in both.

The short version of Spectre's Lane Presence: If you don't have an ally or two that can stun/slow-gank, last hit while leveling dispersion with one point in dagger.

The short version of Spectre's Early/Mid Game:
Use Haunt to join in on every kill for the xp/gold. Return to your lane to farm and buy/crow a clarity to repeat.

The short version of Spectre's Mid Game:
Haunt heroes farming alone and DUST>>MASK>>NATURE PROPHET KILL.

Spectre's Late Game:
Exchange Vanguard for Butterfly, Black King Bar for Heart, and Mask of Madness for Skadi or Satanic.

Mid Game Items and Why?

Mask of Madness is the most crucial part of this build. When playing Spectre and chasing a hero that you have just daggered, that's when you really feel like you're playing a useless *** hero. Buy Vanguard and pop Mask of Madness and you can solo chase any hero.

Mask of Madness pickup explanation
1. Chase
2. Attack speed for Desolates
3. Lifesteal for survivability

(Yes, Desolate and Lifesteal stack while healing Desolate damage. Also stacking with Basher)

1. Let's face it, Spectre's movement speed is ****, even when in a dagger trail, opponents usually can stun and outrun you to the safety of a T2 tower or an ally. This movement speed ensures that you are an actual threat to a lot more heroes than Leshrac.
Compare this movement speed boost to the Phase Boots + Yasha build which is a speed boost every 4s compared to a NONSTOP 12 second Heal + Desolate Boost. This constant huge boost of movement speed + Dagger collision ignore is overkill for chasing.
2. The attack speed does two things. Amplifies Desolate effectiveness, and turns your attack animation to a split second for orb walking in your chases. The movement speed and attack speed combined is faster and scarier than a Bloodseeker that can run up cliffs.
3. Lifesteal gives Spectre the ability to man-fight and allows for you to farm better and chase more than one target.

Credits to my friend SmashcatGaming for the Mask of Madness suggestion.

Skull Basher pickup

*BKB can come before Skull Basher if you need to chase heroes like Lion who stun instead of run.

Skull basher makes you more tankier than Desolator and is cheaper. It also makes you more useful to the team and counters Town Portal Scrolls. It's better than Desolator also because you can turn it into Abyssal Blade which is better Late Game than Desolator.

This build controls all opponents farming alone until 40 minutes. You're also useful in engagements and farm better and faster.

A perfect mid-game Haunt will look like this: Haunt after the enemy blows all or some of their stuns/slows and before your allies die. With Mask of Madness and Basher, you will automatically shut down one enemy and get a kill.

This is pretty much it for Item explanation. Late game items is just situational and is usually something like this:
Exchange Vanguard for Butterfly
Exchange BKB for Heart

This Build gets you MORE COMPLIMENTS FROM OPPONENTS after they die and lose THAN **** FROM ALLIES after they see your Mask of Madness, so I named it The HateorLove Build.

Lane Phase (How to play Early Game and Make Treads + Vanguard)

The long version of Spectre's early game items:

Two tangos for the constant harassment you'll be getting as your team's hard carry. Salve for quick regen. Axe for helping last hit.
Your goal is to trade in your inventory slot for Tangos for a Ring of Health.

Lane Dynamics

If you need Survivability...(In gold cost order)

As Spectre, if you need survivability in your lane you're probably poor as **** from harrassment/denies but your goal is to aim for 875 gold before your tangos run out. This item order is in a worst-case scenario where you need to be able to last hit while surviving spell/attack harrassment. Just eat tangos and buy ring if your allies gank or opponents leave the lane so you can farm your ring.

1. Stout Shield - For harrassment
2. Ogre's Belt - For nukes/spells
3. Ring of Regeneration
4. (situational) Boots - For running into trees faster. NOTE* Boots + dagger for escape should be your getaway-movement speed/plan.

If you need Aggressiveness...(In importance to Spectre's needs)

1. Gloves - For extra Desolate hits
2. Boots - For Spectre's really really slow ***. If you are being aggressive you probably have allies that can stun/slow so gloves for DPS comes first.
3. Elf boots
4. (situational) Stout Shield - For tower diving.

In a perfect early game you would go
1. Boots , Gloves , Ring , Treads* , Stout shield , Vanguard*
2. Proceed into Mid Game

In a worst case scenario you would go
1. Stout shield , Belt , Boots , Vitality Booster , Vanguard* , Treads*
2. Proceed into Mid Game

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