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Spectre Radiance Build

May 8, 2014 by brian111
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Spectre Radiance Build

DotA2 Hero: Spectre

Hero Skills

Spectral Dagger

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Spectre Radiance Build

May 8, 2014


I am by no means a professional-level player. This build has worked for me and I think conceptually it's pretty decent. The idea here is that you stay in lane for the fist 20 mins (with the occasional haunt into team fights), and then after farming you can dominate the game.

When NOT to use this guide:

    -You already have a have a hard carry

    -You believe that no space will be created early game for you to farm
    -You feel that your lane will be tremendously difficult (e.g., they have an axe, veno, etc.)

    -You have some other, better build---i.e., you're more a more experienced player than me!

This build is structured around getting your radiance early. The early items such as treads, wand, etc help sustain you so that you can stay in lane, so that you can, as you might guess, get your radiance.

NOTE: you'll need to be extra nice to your teamates. This build is extremely greedy. You aren't contributing much to the team early don't complain to others about any mishaps.

In Lane

You will need a support to babysit you early game. Tri-lanes work well, as your priority is money early game and not necessarily lvls. And you can outcarry most carries who get free farm. Post 10 mins hopefully you will be left alone in your lane.


    -You'll need to be close to perfect at last hitting.

    -Get your wand and treads (switched to strengths usually). These will help sustain you in lane.

    -Steal kills with your Spectral Dagger. Your the carry. It's what you do.

STAY ALIVE (and get more money)
    -You don't need to push towers. This will attract attention and they will take your tower. Of course, pushing a tower is great and will get you much money, but still only do this if you know you won't be killed.

    -You should not jungle very much early game with this build. It's too inefficient as it would require you to get back to base and heal frequently. Yes, the stats (from treads, skills choice, and wand) help a bit but not enough to do it much

    -What you'll need to do is farm farm farm the lane creeps. When the lane pushes pull creeps from your camps and farm them. Keep the lane equilibrium right. It sounds crazy, but you should pull up to when you get your radiance. You CAN occasionally jungle. I put points in STATS and you get stats from treads and wand, which allow you to jungle a few camps here and there, but not for very long.

    -HOW TO ESCAPE: You can escape most ganks if you pay attention. You must have wards so you know when they are coming for you. You can hide or if things get bad Dagger into the woods and TP to another lane. ALWAYS CARRY A TP. OR, if things get really bad you can haunt and relocate to another place in the map. Even if its the enemy jungle you can escape usually by Daggering home.

Another reason why laning works for you is that you can haunt into most team fights. For a 5 man fight haunt in (usually to the back lines so that you can kill their squishy supports and DPSers). Spectral dagger so that you can run if things get ugly. You're not there to win team fights early. You must not die.

Post Radiance

Once you get your radiance, you can do two things.


    -You have your Desolate skill and a radiance now so you have decent DPS.

    -If they have squishy heros that you think might be alone then you can use the occasional haunt. If you find some with half hp that are alone then haunt in, kill them, and escape quick.

    -Yes, after spending 20 mins farming, you now have you radiance. If your team isn't flaming you too hard for afk farming (which might be the case especially with your radiance, which has flames, oh ya...) then keep it going

    -You can obviously farm much much faster, especially big stacks. Always keep your eye on the clock so you can stack on the :54 times.

    -Stay away from the ancients, as your radiance doesnt work on them.

    -SPLIT PUSH. You can do this early to get money. Remember you have HAUNT and DAGGER as escapes. When things get crazy, just go back to another lane or the jungle.

End game

Dispersion, Radiance, Manta Style, and right clicks will annihilate most teams.

A HEART gives you more survivability in team fights, which means more damage to take in from enemies and dish out with your passive Dispersion.

A MANTA STYLE gives you more illusions to work with (that have your radiance burn, high strengths, dispersion abilities). Try your best to micro your illusions in team fights so that the radiance burn spreads around.

Next, a DIFFUSAL BLADE, makes your illusions deal more damage and burn mana. Every part of the item works with your illusions (manta and haunt).

I also included an EYE OF SCOTI. Not sure about this. If the game goes this late, then it would help. More stats and a attack speed slow, which works for you. With your radiance and hp gain, you want fight to last for a while. You are not the burst damage sort.

Also, a BKB should be picked up if they have tons of magic burst dmg or stuns.


    -You can initiate with haunt. The illusions only last 7 seconds, so if they get focused it's not a big deal. However, it's probably ideal if someone else initiates.

    -If there is an enemy hero in the back of the lines, trying to stay safe and deal lots of damage, then when you haunt you should relocate on them. This might be someone like a sniper, witch doctor, etc. Make sure to tank as much damage as you can in the fights, though. Ideally, you tank the damage of really everyone, while your team back you up with dps (sorry to be a bit unclear here).

A few last comments

    -I'm fairly new to this game (been playing for 6 months). I'm here to learn. That's my favorite thing about Dota. I'd be happy to hear your criticisms and complements.

    -Before you judge this build, please consider the following: it's a radiance build, which means it's situational and very one-dimensional. Don't flame me for that.

    -I did not include VANGUARD. I think it slows down your radiance. Yes, you can jungle once you get it (around the 12 min mark?). But, you cannot jungle very fast cause you have no real AOE damage (your dagger cannot be spammed). I think it's better just to stay in lane and farm creeps. Plus, the vangaurd isn't ideal late game. You want to take (not block) damage so you can disperse it. And it doesn't help your illusions at all.

    -Thanks very much for reading this guide :)

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