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Sparky ARc Warden (ZET) Come Here

December 18, 2015 by Sparky99
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Sparky ARc Warden (ZET) Come Here

DotA2 Hero: Arc Warden

Purchase Order


Wraith Band

6-7 Min Buy Bottle Or magic Wand

Magic Wand

You need lots of mana so buy this

Arcane Boots
Ring of Aquila

Some Advance item

Manta Style
Shiva's Guard
Scythe of Vyse

How to be OP(Eat moonshard)

Moon Shard
Monkey King Bar
Heaven's Halberd
Heart of Tarrasque
Eye of Skadi

Hero Skills


1 3 7 10

Magnetic Field

4 9 13 14

Spark Wraith

2 5 8 12

Tempest Double

6 11 16


17 18

Sparky ARc Warden (ZET) Come Here

December 18, 2015


Arc Warden is an agility carry or utility hero that excels in taking objectives, whether it is fighting with your team or taking towers alone. Arc Warden is characterised by his ultimate Tempest Double, which creates a complete clone of your main hero similar to a Meepo clone, but with access to not only your skills, but your items too.

With his zoning and buffing abilities, he is very versatile in how he can be built and played, but how well he performs is very reliant on player skill.


Arc Warden's ability to clone himself and get an extra use out of all his items and actives means there really aren't many bad ways to build him. He has enough Intelligence to make use of most item actives, but is also an Agility hero with great range so you can build him as a core with no real drawbacks. As long as your items make sense in the context of your team composition (i.e. are you a farming carry, or is your team looking to push and end early?) and you've taken your enemy heroes into account, Zet can thrive with most items.

That being said, there are some important things to remember regarding certain items:
You cannot sell or drop any items your Double possesses. Your Double also cannot pick up any items.

Healing consumables can be used by your Double! This makes items like Healing Salve and Enchanted Mango worthwhile to buy early, as if you don't need to use them, your Double can still use their cloned versions on you or allies later on. An obvious use of these items to is to use Tempest Double, then have your double restore the health and mana your main hero lost from using the ability. Don't spend the early game with empty item slots, when you can fully take advantage of the cost effectiveness of cheap consumables.

Your Tempest Double cannot use Observer Ward, Sentry Ward, or Smoke of Deceit. This is kind of self-explanatory as to why. Dust of Appearance and Town Portal Scroll can still be cloned normally. ( Cheese will also be cloned).

Your tempest double can use Hand of Midas. Hand of Midas is an item that boosts your experience, and pays for itself reliably, then continues to give you gold and experience after paying for itself. Arc Warden can appreciate the earlier levels, and gains the gold you invested in Midas back much faster since he can use it much more often. The only limit is that your clone cannot gain the extra experience from Transmute, so remember to use it on creeps with the least experience value. In the majority of cases, Midas is a worthy pick-up on Arc Warden because the risk of having it slow down the progression of your next item is far less than on other heroes, it makes up for his inability to flash farm, and it still continues to bring steady income afterwards.

Your Tempest Double cannot use Refresher Orb. That doesn't make it a bad item, though. All your skills are still refreshable as normal on your main hero, so it is entirely possible to have three Tempest Doubles at one time and three casts of your spells in play at once. This is very strong for the purposes of splitpushing or fighting, so don't ignore it.

Bloodstone's passive will not work for your Tempest Double, so you cannot use its death to heal allies. All other features of Bloodstone including it's bonuses and Pocket Suicide active should still function as normal.

Your Tempest Double gets full benefits from Gem of True Sight, but will not drop it when killed.

Tempest Double gets the full benefits of Divine Rapier, but cannot drop it when it dies. Yes, really. In a late-game scenario, you can abuse this quirk with new rapiers to make super strong clones then stash the rapiers afterwards, and make super dangerous doubles to throw at objectives with almost no risk, or just double your damage output in fights.

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