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Someone call de doctor? - orang tua

October 28, 2014 by soreke
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Standard Survive

DotA2 Hero: Witch Doctor

Someone call de doctor? - orang tua

October 28, 2014

With bones and spells I come.

This starting item is for defensive. As a support, buy a courier or wards (if someone else already buy a courier), a tango, a clarity potion, ring of protection and a magic stick if you have enough money.

When you got enough money, buy a boot or magic stick if you still dont have yet. Complete the Ring of Basillus for extra mana regen (notice that I only buy 1 clarity instead of 2 because we will have ring of basillus). Save money to complete the Arcane Boot or if having a hard time in the lane, get a Bracer first. Aim to complete the magic wand to get some extra attribute.

Buy ward and plant 1 on your lane to avoid ganking / guard your lane (defensive ward) and 1 at middle lane (offensive ward) to assist your mid hero. Make sure at least one of the place get rune visibility.

Your first priority is Shadow Blade, so that you can survive while using/utilizing your ultimate. Stun (paralysing cask) -> maledict -> ulti, then go invisible while channeling your ulti.

Throughout the game always plant ward depends on the situation (defensive, offensive)

Depends on the situation, your next priority is Aghanims Scepter to maximize/fully utilize your ulti. Or get a BKB to ensure you can channeling your ulti a little longer (a little longer before being stunned/disabled hahaha).

Other luxury item you can get is Scythe to hex your enemy or if you always stick and rarely die, get a gem for an invisible enemy. Get bloodstone if you think you must.
You can also choose to have Eul or Force staff if you need more survilability.

Spell my doom…will you

I personally will not pick WD if the enemy pick this heroes ;

Earthshaker - He can stun and disable you from far
Puck - she also has the silence area ability even if you are invi
Death prophet - also can silence area ability even if you are invi

And I also hate this heroes because of their ability to disrupt your ultimate channeling;

Drow Ranger

To put in a nutshell, enemy who have a disable/stunner especially from far is a bad enemy for WD. He also a squishy hero when enemy lineup have a ganker like Nyx or Clink.

Malpractice makes perfect.

==Updating soon==

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