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Solo Mid Sniper:Mobility

April 7, 2014 by Ninjasco
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Hey, Putting this out there cause haven't found one like it.

Hello my name is Mafioso Labasa ( XD ) and this is the way i like to play sniper. Snipers main problem that I hear people complaining about is he lacks mobility. I tell to "get mobility items." This usually ends with STFU YOU FREAKING NOOB GOD DELETE DOTO 2 UNINSTALL STEAM. This guide is not the standard way of building sniper and it is very level dependent because you will rely on Head Shot for early damage. Making this build because I think people need to move away from cookie cutter builds and learn to adjust to fit there playing style. This build is good for making plays and snowballing because if played right you will not die cause of blink dagger and stuff. This build is very mid and early game orientated as all of the items cost around 2500 gold. Or the pieces do anyways.

Ima go straight into items cause you know what this hero does.

Ok i'm just going to start...
Phaseboots: Most sinper get Power Treads cause they plan to get a whole bunch of attack items. However this sniper build is focoused on the mid and early game to snowball you into the late game. Phase boots grant 24 damage which is great for the laning phase. They allow you to own your lane more and grant good mobility.

Shadow Blade Lots of sniper builds get this to run away. It is also nice cause of damage and stuff. But I propose that we use this item to back stab and to get that little bit of burst damage on the person before you ult. It also if in a pinch can save you....ONCE...Unless the other team is not smart.

Sange and Yasha Get the Yasha before the Sange because it will give goo mobility and sooooome damage. I really like this item on sniper cause it gives good chasing and great movement speed. It well also give you some damage which can be nice.

Blink Dagger This is the single most core item on this build. Get this to make the plays. This item will save your but if you have the reflexes. It also gives a fast way to travel if you feel safe.

Mjonlir This is a great item for this build. You may ask "Ninjasco, its not a mobility item!!!" I know, I know. Once you have this that means that you already have enough mobility items. This is your first damage item. The passive is crazy good. Also moar attack speed for your bash to proc.

Force Staff This is just after you get your main damage item. It allows for you to escape when blink dagger is disabled cause of damage. It also can innate for those easy pick offs and save an ally.

Boots of Travel Uhh frees an inventory space. And high movespeed. Only get this if you feel like you have enough damage.

Thats all Folks

Thanks for reading this guide. Please leave a rating. However don't be mroldschool and only accept old builds and say that heroes should only build these certain items. Feel free to leave a negative rating and post below on why you don't agree cause i like discussions. Or a positive one cause that helps a lot (just saying what other people say xD.) Remember that this is mid and early game orientated so don't go saying that I should only safe lane and try to out carry a Antimage cause that's not gonna happen. Happy Hunting!

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