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Solo Mid Queen of Pain

December 11, 2012 by
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Solo Mid

DotA2 Hero: Queen of Pain

Hero Skills

Shadow Strike

1 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Scream of Pain

3 4 5 7

Sonic Wave

6 11 16


15 17 18

Solo Mid Queen of Pain
December 11, 2012


Queen of Pain is one of the best solo mid heroes in the game. She has great nuking power and has the ability to harass heroes in the middle lane effectively. She is also a great counter to many heroes such as the annoying Templar Assassin as well as Huskar.

du ma mei already vely good guide so far

Pros / Cons

Good Nukes
One of the best mid heroes
Good escape mechanism
Annoying as ****
Big booty *****es

lol dats it


Start off with 2 mantles, cause they provide good stats; 2 clarities let you spam **** in mid; tango and salve gives you regen in case some ******* tries to gank you or you get hit.

Rush your bottle and you should be getting every rune cause you're fast as. Get boots after so you can walk faster

Your core item is aghanims scepter because it gives you good stats and your sonic wave just kills everything. If you find that you're having a **** one cause they have too many disables, feel free to get a bkb, but you will find it doesn't give you all the good stuff you need. You dont need to finish your power treads before your aghanims btw.

Get a hex. Just hex their carry and sonic wave him.

Shives guard goes alright. A slow, and a **** nuke. Goes alright if your team has some good aoe **** (enigga, magnus, dark seer)

Orchid goes alright. Good dps and silence the annoying teamfight person or spammer.

Look at the situationals. Feel free to get them. They're mostly dps Queen of Pain items but it's alright.


Level 1, walk into lane without skilling anything. Once you see all the heroes on the map, and they aren't trying to gank you, get shadow strike and spam dat **** on their mid hero following up with auto attacks. If someone is missing at the start of the game, get blink. 1 Level of blinks good enough for laning stage, so proceed to max scream of pain after that. If you don't have enough mana for sonic wave at level 6, just get blink or some ****. If you can support your sonic wave at level 6, then just get it.

Playing Queen of Pain

Lane till about level 7-8 before you go ganking. If you get a good rune to gank with, and you see a good opportunity to gank, but you aren't level 7-8 yet, just go gank.

Just go shadow strike someone and scream in their faces, hopefully getting as many heroes in your scream as possible. If you're gonna use sonic wave, try hit everyone. (most likely 2 heroes in lane cause it's pub). Shadow Strike > Blink > Scream > Blink > Scream ?Blink > Scream > Blink > Scream > Blink > Scream ?Blink > Scream > Blink > Scream > Blink > Scream > Blink > Scream >Blink > Scream > Blink > Scream > Blink > Scream and they die

Teamfight, stay back for a bit cause you can just blink into the fight. Once the fight begins, the ****head pub noobs will group up trying to kill off one person on your team, then you sonic wave the entire other teams face and scream into their ears and they all die. Nah but seriously, it will do heaps of damage to them (even late game) and will turn the fight around if the one person they tried to focus died. But they will be happy you killed the entire other team for their death.

Chapter Title

i dont know what to put under the chapter title heading. dont even need it

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