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Snowballing With Outhouse Defiler

July 27, 2015 by negrocaucasian
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Mid Dominator

DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Snowballing With Outhouse Defiler

July 27, 2015

Pre Midas

Try to get pooled tangos from allies so you can get those gg branches. Get a good block over the rune, unless your are guaranteed to get it and a support will block for you. Focus on getting as much farm as you can and denys. LAST HIT OVER DENIES.

As soon as the third ward is offcooldown have it shiped out to you with a salve or more tangos if need be. Place this on the opponents highground. Its critical that you do not get ganked as OD. Keep farming for the midas with ideally you will get it at 5:15 but anytime b4 8 minutes is fine.

Post Midas

After Midas pick up your treads and TP and keep farming. (If you feel like a wand is good pick it up) By 10:30 you want to have at least 50 CS but aim for 70. (max is 82) assuming no jungling.
I like to pick up the soul booster first for the tank and the hp regen allows you to Jungle

Try not to fight to much but keep farming and always carry TP. You want to finish the Octarine Core in the 17-24 minute mark.

Post Octarine Core

The reason you rush Octarine is for the 75 SECOND MIDAS COOLDOWN. With core you will be farming faster than a radiance spectre. After core dont be afraid of anyone solo you will mess them up. (note it also gives your orb and ultimate a huge damage boost aswell)

However keep farming and judgeing by the other team you will have to decide what item you need to get. the choice is between BKB, Sythe and Shivas. Shivas allows you to solo rosh so smoke up and go in. If you need to fight and win the next teamfight you have to go BKB. If against a slippery foe get a scythe.

Finish all three of these items in the order you see fit and try to end the game with an aegis on you.

Late game

Once you have treads, Core, Shivas, bkb and midas you are going to have to replace items do it correctly however. You want to keep the midas for as long as possible so get BOTS and Moonshard B4 selling it. Your last item should be either refresher, aghs, linkens, skadi or a moonshard depending on the situation. You can potentially get 7 slotted by the 40 minute mark with great farm and teamfights.

Taking it any further than this you are at a disadvantage against alot of BKBs and evasion.
This build works wonders and you will be carrying noobs all day.
My Dota Max.

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