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Snipin for gold!

October 29, 2013 by Batuhan Erbay
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Snipin for gold!

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Snipin for gold!

Batuhan Erbay
October 29, 2013


"More powder in my shot"

Welcome to my guide of playing Kardel, the Sharpeye. One of the most pawning heroes in Dota 2 so as you will see in this build (which is probably same with most of the Kardel builds)

Kardel needs some money, since it's not a big problem with his range and headshot you'd be fine, just remember to get items with the following order, if you are ballin' you can always get lifesteal earlier or so. Anyways this build will probably get you to the top in no time since Kardel isn't that complicated you'd be fine, just get last hits on Early Game then Shadow Blade to close in on your opponent, hit him with Sharapnel for slow and then pawn him with your epic range and headshots! If he is getting away stop him with your Ultimate Skill!

"Easy as shooting gnats"

If you play like this you'd be topping your team in no time. Have fun and enjoy!


Slippers of Agility: Will give you nice Agi stats for the early game and will give you the stats that Kardel "needs"on early game, later it'll build in to your Poor Man's Shield which will simply protect you from harassment.

Poor Man's Shield: Protects you from harassment of enemies.

Bottle: Only if going mid or if in desperation of quick regen on Mana and HP.

Tango: You can either get two tangos or a tango and a healing salve. Advantages of Tango is: The regen won't stop even if you are attacked and you can still fight with the regen on.

Healing Salve: You can either get two tangoes or a tango and a healing salve. Advantages of Healing Salve is: It heals you like a ***** although you can't get into the fight while you are healing in early game it heals you so fast that you can get back in no time.

Iron Branch: Nice stats for the start, later it's a magic wand for refilling your low HP and MANA.

Power Threads: Adjusting stats? OMG that's amazing. Have it on AGI if you are attacking creeps and switch to STR when the **** hits the fan.

Shadow Amulet: It's actually a piece of Shadow Blade but you can get it earlier so that you can become invisible and strike after that.

Mithril Hammer: Damage!, also it'll build into your Desolator and will give you corruption and killing sprees in no time!

Morbid Mask: Lifesteal so that Kardel wouldn't die easily since he is a little bit squishy.

Yasha: Will give you more AGI and Attack Speed so that you can pawn your opponent's in no time.

Vladimir's Offering: Aura lifesteal and also some increased lifesteal you can either go Vladimir's or Mask of Madness on Sniper. Advantages of Vladimir's Offering: It gives an aura lifesteal which helps allies and creeps push like little *****es!

Mask of Madness: Oh my god, that attack speed with Kardel? It'd definetely hurt someone, pity the fool who tries to **** with you. But there might be some complications such as getting easily hurt and since Kardel is squishy he might get banged but this item is a pain in the *** for the other team, believe me. Especially on Sniper.

Desolator: No words needed this is your heavy damaging MOFO item, it'd pawn the **** out of your opponent's with the passive "Corruption", decreasing their armor and making them squishy so that you'd pawn them alot easier.

Shadow Blade: It allows you to creep on your opponent's from behind and pawn them like a hammer! Example: If they are coming mid go around and flank them dead. If you can't flank them it's simple, hit the Shadow Blade again and run.

Manta: It is an amazing item for Sniper since the illusions can pawn hard as you and also they'd be happy to push those towers with you. This makes Kardel amazingly strong, trapping his opponent's with SB than popping out Manta for illusions pawning them all!

Daedalus: Amazingly strong critic item. If your opponent's are begging for mercy Get this and pawn them away with quick kills.

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