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Snipin' Chances

March 7, 2013 by scofieldr
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Take Aim

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Snipin' Chances

March 7, 2013

General Idea of playing sniper

- Be very defensive in the early laning phase, so u dont waste your positions and tangos
- start being aggressive as you start to reach level 6, so you might catch your enemy with low hp while he doesnt expect your sniper shot (dont underestimate the huge amout of damage of your ulti)
- your absolute most import item is mask of madness, it will allow you to insanely increase your damage output, substainability and the ability to chase your enemy due to the huge movement boost which comes with it. It should also be mentioned that you can realy use this item every time you see a chance to slightly damage your opponent, since the cooldown of this item is just so incredibly low.
-> your main goal is it (of course since you are carry) to get a lot of kills and to get as many items as you can which improve your attack speed, so that your headshot does proc more often, and also to add some more items with similiar abilitys, like all diffrent kinds of passive bash chance.

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