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Sniper's Arcane Bullets

November 12, 2019 by Zetraxes
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Sniper's Arcane Bullets

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Purchase Order

Power Treads
Wraith Band
Wraith Band
Magic Wand
Hand of Midas
Hurricane Pike
Aghanim's Scepter
Octarine Core
Yasha and Kaya
Moon Shard

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7


2 4 6 8

Take Aim

11 12 13 14


9 16


10 15

Hero Talents

+5 Shrapnel Charges
+100 Attack Range
+24 Shrapnel DPS
+28 Knockback Distance Headshot
-14% Shrapnel Slow
+30 Attack Speed
+15 Damage
+15% Cooldown Reduction

Sniper's Arcane Bullets

November 12, 2019

Chapter Title

The Abilities are very important to skill them as you need them because every situation is different for instance if you see that you farm slow you better go with attack speed lvl 15 talent rather than shrapnel slow because together with your mjöllnir that would make more sense but the way that i did it is the one for the most efficiant farming beeing defensive on a lane and chilling in jungle most of the time

How to reload and cast spells

Well this build is evolving around farming early to have the essential items like aghs and octa nd them spamming your ult from so far away that nobody will be able to attack you. Maiden aura is very beneficial here and Alch aswell as Bounty can help with you with financing your weaponry aswell as track aiding you in finding your targets. Try not to engage in any clashes and tell your supports to ward your jungle properly. When you get aghs and hurrican pike you can strt fighting but your main focus is still on getting octarine. If you find yourself hunted get a dedicated support to baby sitt u in jungle close to the base and buy situational items like teardrop pots and wand. In the end you will realize that you come into quite the mana predicament because your ult cost nearly 1/4 of your mana. Thats where the bloodstone comes in which coincidentally makes you fatter too so you cant die. Focus the suopports out of the fight and remember even though you need alot of farm you are not a carry you are a nuker/harrasser which is not very viable when you take most game farming and cant really deal with enemy tanks or the little beefier carries. But if the enemy team has more squishies you will see this builds value especially if you have the before named heroes in your team.

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