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Sniper: Thunder Dwarf; OP Build

January 22, 2014 by FaTmAster
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Thunder Dwarf

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills



1 3 5 8

Take Aim

2 4 7 9


6 12 18


10 11 13 14 15 16 17

Guide for Thunder Sniper: Information

Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper is an agility hero. He is a hard carry who needs a lot of farm and items to be really effective. He uses his exceptional range (the higher of the game) to hit his enemies while being out of danger. His ultimate allows him to finish his targets from a far thanks to a precise and deadly shot. His positioning is the key to be effective during teamfights since he is very fragile. Dont try to get right in the middle of the fight, stay hidden in the bushes and act like a true marksman!

Guide for Thunder Sniper: Summary

First we need some damage, then Lifesteal and at the end some Attack Speed.

Try to stay behind the minions and poke the enemy champs until you get your ult.
Only use the ult when you know that you would have the kill.
If the enemy tries to escape, use the active of your boots to get in radius of your ult or basic attack.
Only level the first skill at the end of the game when all the other skills are at maxed out.

Sniper is a mid champion but you can also play him at top. If you need some gold you can always get some money in the jungle.

When you are top with Sniper, the best support you can get are champions with stuns, slows or silences. Sniper got also his mini-stuns but the duration of it is 0.25 sec. When the enemy is stuned, you can easily attack him at a safe distance.

When the skill Take aim is at level 3, you can attack the tower of the enemy without by the tower himself. Beware that their are minions to counter the enemy minions.
Always stay behind the minions!

Have fun!

Guide for Thunder Sniper: Items

You can best start with Ring of Basilius and not Wraith Band because in early game, sniper really need some damage. - Sniper is a late game champion so try to get some damage in early game. - Buy Tango as HP regeneration.

In game, you can buy Ring of Aquila for some HP regeneraion and also Magic Wand against ganks.
Phase Boots is very usefull when running after the enemy, it gives you also some damage.

Then you can chose first between Life Steal(Helm of the Dominator) or Attack Damage(Daedalus).
You better get some Life Steal against low HP but heavy damage champions. You can build Attack Damage when you don't have problems with gankers or heavy damage champions.
Mjollnir got a great passive for farm or jungle. The thundershock makes a lot of damage against minions, monsters AND champions.

At late game, upgrade your Helm of the Dominator to Satanic. This upgrade will give you 25% Lifesteal. When you combine it with Attack Speed you will be unstoppable against low health champions. Against Tank champions you need more Attack Damage, so we use Radiance. It gives us 60 Attack Damage and the passive can be very effective.

Guide for Thunder Sniper: Skills

- The last skill you have to level is Shrapnel. This is skill is only good to farm and when you have a lot of damage. Against champions, it damage them not much. It's very easy when the enemy is trying to escape. This skill slows the enemy and it reveals the area which is very handy to lauch you ult on it.

- Headshot is one of the best passive skills of the Sniper, it can ministun the enemy and you damage them more (15/40/65/90).

- Take aim is a passive skill that expand the radius of the snipers basic attack. From level three, you can attack the turret whitout being hit by the tower. (The tower must be visible!)
This skill increases only the basic attack and not the skills.

- His ult is Assassinate. This skill is very usefull when the enemy is low hp and you can't reach him with your basic attack our slow skills. The ult has a lot of damage (355/505/655) and a great range, and it expands with each level the skill grows. Try to use the ult only when you think you have the kill. The cooldown is very short (20/15/10) so with some luck, you can shoot two times your ult at the same champion.

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