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Sniper solo 1v2 ALT-TAB guide

December 24, 2012 by itzmetony
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Solo 1v2

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Purchase Order

Start up

Core items 10 min

Mid game 25 min

Luxury items

Special mention situational items

Rejected items

Hero Skills


8 9 10 12


2 4 13 14

Take Aim

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 18

Sniper solo 1v2 ALT-TAB guide

December 24, 2012


Only follow this build when soloing at long lane (carry lane), if you are in a dual lane just follow any other guide.

Sniper is a squishy hero and needs farm, what do we do if we don't have any babysitter? Easy stay away from danger and farm.

Pros from this guide
- Farm decently if good creeping abilities
- Gain levels just like mid lane
- Focus on farming and not on ganking other lanes
- Chance to snowball

Cons from this guide
- Need map awareness skills
- Need of lane control skills
- If our jungler is a tard probably your game will FAIL

You will need to ask for stack&pull from your jungler, but remember YOU ASK, tell your jungler to don't stack&pull at his will, but at yours.

Ganking phase

This guide is focused on pubs, so after sometime you'll find yourself with your team looking for kills. Just don't do that, be sure to always have a TP Scrollso you can TP when the fight already started or when you see some noobs come as 5 to kill you.

Remember, the sniper in FPS games is always behind all and hidden, be sure to be in a good position so you don't die.

About item build and Situational items

All carry player should know what item is best, it all depends to you.

If you find yourself facing a team who has heroes like Your text to link here... (Sand King), I'd buy(BKB) and laugh at him.

If you find yourself getting bursted I'll consider building(Eye of Skadi), and tank a little bit more damage, but remember you always have to be in the back of all fights.

Rejected items

A(MKB) is 101% better than butterfly for this hero for these 2 reasons:
-MKB is a much better DPS item
-Why would a sniper need evasion, you get backstabbed and you're dead

About lifesteal you're never gonna fight 1v1 until the last second of the battle when you have almost genocided the whole team, if you're close to death use your Shadow Blade and leave, if you're man enough try to kill and if you think you're not making it use your Shadow Blade and leave.

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