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Sniper No Sniping

November 25, 2013 by _LuVion
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Snipe those heroes

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


10 12 13 14


2 4 8 9

Take Aim

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Starting items

Note that you only start with 625 gold at the beginning of the match so purchase your Slippers of agility, Tangos and Ring of ProtectionFirst and wait for the last 10 gold for your Circlet when the match begins and use the Courier to get it.

How to use your abilities (Early Game)

Shrapnel- During early game there is not much use for this ability, its damage output is pretty weak and the slow will not help if your damage isn't great. so leave this for a later game.

Headshot- This passive really annoys players if your lucky with your chances. The Passive ability gives sniper a 40% change of mini stunning an opponent stopping movement and casting for 0.25 seconds, as well as giving bonus damage which increases with each level.

Take Aim- This passive makes you the true sniper of the match, each level increases snipers attack range and at level 4 will allow sniper to attack towers outside of their range. This allows sniper to stay out of team fights where area of effect attacks are widely used.

Assassinate- Snipers bang for his buck this ability will give sniper all the gold he needs for his item by killing heroes. Focus on using this ability to take out the enemies that are below 25% health on their bars. Whittle their health down with your stupid range, and bonus damage from the Headshots and if they are out of sight then Shrapnel the area where they were to see them and aim that Assassinate right into their body.

How to use your abilities (Late Game)

Shrapnel- During late game most of the sight is provided by your team mates with supporters placing wards so using this ability to Assassinate low healthed players should be easier. So the great way to use this ability is to fire it on towers as they are effected by this ability.

Headshot- Remember that this passive has a chance of mini stunning the target so focus your fire on anybody who is channeling an ability or is trying to cast spells.

Take Aim- during late game if tier 2 towers are still standing and teamfights are common, sneak away from the group as they either defend or push a lane and snipe the tower out of its range.

Assassinate- Remember that the cooldown for this ability is only 10 seconds at level 3 so it could be a good way to pick a target before a team fight starts and then use it to finish. DO NOT use it during a fight in case a few attempt to escape and you can't snipe them because your still on cooldown.

Allies and Enemies.

Light Green (Good Allies)
Dark Green (Ok Allies)

Anybody who wont steal your kills are usually the best bet for sniper. If sniper doesn't get the last hits on those creeps for gold so he can purchase his items he is pretty weak so being in a lane with another carry is a bad idea.

Sladar- Sladar is not a carry so being on a side with him would be a great thing, his ultimate reduces their armour allowing you to pierce through and deal extra damage as well as giving true sight allowing sniper to see the enemy and Assassinate them.

Bloodseeker- Yes Bloodseeker is a carry but during the early stages his passive that allows sight on players with low health to be seen will help you creep up and Assassinate any escapers (Note that this is not to be used on the same lane!)

Venomancer- Venomancers slows can come in handy when trying to hit the enemy, his wards allow sight in an area which is perfect for your Assassinate and his DOTS (Damage over time) can whittle the enemy health down enough for an Assassinate kill.

Viper- Like venomancer he can poison the targets slowing and dealing DOTS (Damage over time) unfortunatly Viper is a carry so deciding who gets the last hits could be a problem.

Bounty Hunter- An invisible hero. great for starting a gank on a single hero, he pops out crits and throws track on the hero. Track allows you to see the targeted hero anywhere on the map as well as giving true sight to invisible heroes. not only that but if you pull of an Assassinate kill you get extra gold too.

Anybody who can dish out mass amounts of damage before you have a chance of hitting them as well as having evasion from your bullets.

Nyx Assassin- If he sneaks up on you with his ultimate, his stun and his nuking dagon item there is nothing you can do to stop it. To prevent it however stick close to your team and make sure to have true sight for invisible units at all times. Thinking of usingAssassinate on him. think again with his spiked carapiece he can cancel out all effects of damage sending it straight back at you.

Phantom Assassin- think your safe when all of a sudden a dagger flies out of the jungle and slows you (as well as getting a critical hit if the player is lucky)then blinking into you and getting a ludicrous critical hit that kills you instantly. want to shoot at her, think again her blur allows her to have an evasion when heroes are around.

Faceless Void- Void has a chance of evading your shots as well as dealing bonus damage and stunning you for a short period of time and finally his ultimate making you completely helpless as he traps you and slowly kills you while you just stand there and watch.

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