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Sniper-Just shoot.

December 13, 2012 by 1FaNg
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Better be safe then sorry

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills



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Take Aim

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Sniper-Just shoot.

December 13, 2012


Sniper is a agi hero thats super vulnerable.It doesnt take much to squish him.Its just like a human and an ant.Therefore always take precaution,therefore this is a guide for you. =)
Im still learning but do drop me feedback on areas which it can improve on.Critics welcomed.
Learning is a good process of getting better.


Usually I get two slippers,one branch and 1 tango 1 salve.
The start is the most crucial.The start depends where your sniper is going to be.
Feed early and end up being food the entire game.Therefore always take precautions.
Always stay away from areas where they can easily gang you.Always lean to a safe corner.
The first thing to get is boots.Sniper need to run!Hug tower if u feel that you are going to get ganged.Get your treads and get your wraith bands quick for extra damage and switchable damage and health(Treads).

Early game

So we're going to farm for your impt item of the day which will help u earn income like a business man.Maelstorm!Due to sniper's speed maelstorm activates many time thus earning farm and pushing easy.This will help u get your money to buy even greater items to really own the opponents.For me I really advice you to ks with assasination.WHY?Cause when sniper is in late game he is unstoppable seriously.(Exaggeration).Always ensure that u only activate assasinate when he is out of range to the extend u cannot auto attack him/her/it.Then ulti.This ensures that your teammates survive as u do not stone there while they are tanking and end up u let him die and ks him.So do it properly.


Once Mollijinir is completed,1/4 of your battle is completed.Just get deso or bruzia to add the damage.Once u get these items,you'll be a main target for opponents.So i suggest rushing a bkb and manta.To help you fight a good fight before dieing or owning.Farm nc and push lanes to give the opponents a hard time.But always play safe.


Once these items are completed.There's nothing much but just shoot!And hunt those noobs down!

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