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Sniper Here! A parody of how pub players play Sniper

June 19, 2014 by EnderHBL
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Sniper Here!

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Take Aim

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Sniper Here! A parody of how pub players play Sniper

June 19, 2014


Sniper is a carry who is totally OP. With the right play style, he can get out of control. So, without further ado, let's look at the proper item build.
WAIT! Stop right there. This is a PARODY guide. It makes fun of how pub players play. Don't actually use this guide.

Items and Why

Sniper is an agility carry, which means he gets really OP with lots of agility. So, for your starting items, get him agility. It makes perfect sense.
Many people see Sniper as squishy, but he starts with almost 500 health, so I have no idea what they're talking about. With all those extra hitpoints, you can afford to get an item that makes you 3x squishier. Sure, you might get one-shotted by a hero with a crit, but who needs life anyway? Oh, wait...
Now, I have been told every hero needs boots, and the best boots are obviously Phase Boots because they give you damage, and that's all any hero needs.
So, with MoM and Phase Boots, it's time... FOR DIVINE! AND MORE DAMAGE! IN OTHER WORDS, DIVINE!

Skills and why

Get Headshot first for the extra damage, because, you know, damage. Next get Take Aim, because that let's you damage people from far away. Then alternate leveling them.
Your ability Shrapnel is way too hard to remember to use, so don't level it.
The best way to use these abilities is to rightclick someone, then ultimate them. This combo is very hard to pull off. I only have two hands!

How to Play Sniper

Before the creeps spawn, run up to the enemy and use the combo I talked about earlier, but without the ulti. You might die, but a carry's job is to rush in and die. Your team may tell you to "farm" but Sniper has no use for agriculture. I mean seriously, what's he gonna do with a potato? Your team is trying to throw the game. Report them for the community.
With Take Aim at level 3, you now out range the towers. That means you can shoot the tower without it shooting back. So get behind the enemy creep wave and start killing the tower. If the enemy creeps attack you, just keep attacking the tower. Sacrifice your life for that extra damage on the tower. FOR THE COMMUNITY! Oh wait, this has nothing to do with the community. FOR THE TEAM! No, your team sucks and should be reported. FOR YOURSELF! That sounds right.
Now, later in the game, your Mask of Madness will come in handy. Now, obviously, this is a very reliable tank item. The extra attack speed boost your life steal rate so your health replenishes faster than you lose it. It you get stunned, just... Don't get stunned.
With this great, totally reliable tank item, you are the perfect carrier for a Divine Rapier. So, when you get one, your life steal is ridiculous. Unless you get stunned... Don't get stunned. If you do get stunned, it's because of your team. Report them.

Snipers Friends and Foes

Sniper's friends are carries. It is very important to have at least 4 carries on your team. As we all know, carries are OP and you want your team to be OP, right? So more carries. Hard carries that need lots of farm are the best.
Snipers only foe is Riki, because he is just more OP. Other than him, everyone can just suck his OPness. :)

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