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Sniper Here!

March 22, 2013 by Alturnax
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills



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Take Aim

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Hello! My Name's Alturnax... And Sniper Has And Is My Favourite Hero, Many People Make Guides For Sniper, But The Problem Is; Most People Levels Up Sharpnel
So I Made A Guide For Him Myself, Sry If I Got Something Wrong, First Time Making A Guide :3

I'm Not Going To Explain The Items, But Feel free to ask me about the items

Pros / Cons

VERY long range + headshot occurs very often
Can Pick Off Heroes Easily, even in groups
2 passives, for people who say "this is why noobs pick sniper" Skeleton King Has 3!
ultimate deals massive damage, making sniper one of the easiest hero to get a kill and 20-10 second cooldown
assassinate is a great harass ability

(cant think if theres anymore Pros to Sniper)

Squishy As A Sponge, 2 Stun In A Row Can Kill Your Squishy ***, And No Escape Ability
****ty Base Damage
Sucks At 1v1
Has 1 Useless Ability: Sharpnel
Very Item Dependent
If Not Farmed Well/If Falls Of Behind, Nothing Can Help You

(cant think if theres anymore Cons to sniper)

Friends & Foes

Anybody Who Can Slow, Give Vision For Ult, Or Stun
But Basically:

Drow - Even Though Most Drows Attempt To Steal Mid From You, Drow's Aura Will Give You A Massive Boost + Slow

Omniknight - Great Heal, A Slow Aura, And A Lifesaving Ult/Heal/Free-BKB

Venomancer - Slow + Passive can ultra slow, and wards can block enemies way or give vision for sniper

Tusk - Initiator, Tank, Not Much To Say, His Slow Is Great, And He Can Save Your *** Using Snowball (Somehow) And The Shards Really Help, Especially In A Narrow Path

Kunkka - X Marks The Spot Makes Running Useless, As It Is Already With Your Incredible Range, But Can Double The Damage That The Enemies Take While Running With X Marks the Spot, And SLOW + STUN, Ultimate That Gives You More Speed, And A Great Harassing Cleave

Sven - More Speed, Ultra Stun, And Deals MASSIVE Damage, Just KS From Sven, And Get Shouted At...

Disruptor - Can Trap Them, Has A Great Nuke, And Have A "X Marks The Spot" Thingy (forgot what its called)

there are much more, but i dont feel the need to say the other heroes, because there are many


Pudge - Hook Is Freaking Annoying And Will Murder You EASY, Has A Damaging Slow, + You Have Low Mobility, And Ultimate Disables You Completely, Pipe Of Insight/Cloak Helps You Against His Rot

Axe - Slow, Force To Attack And Counter Helix, If Thats Not Enough, Culling Blade, Instantly Kills You When Low HP

Faceless Void - Isnt Much Of A Threat, Until Level 6, Ultimate Pops Your Head Off, Get MKB If He Buys Evasion, Because The Passive He Have And Evasion Stacks, He Has Timelock, Blink That Slows You, And Higher Mobility

Huskar - One Of The Most Annoying DoT Dealer, You Definetly Need Somebody To Help You Tank Him, Or Distract Him, Because "Within Pain... Comes Power" >.> although assassinate can take him out easy, A Cloak/Pipe Might Be Necessary, BKB Too

Lifestealer - can slow you down, and can heal with each attack, infest creeps, and have a free bkb, which he could just rage whenever you assassinate, infest whenever hes almost dead, and he could slow you and heal by attacking

Lion - Stun, Hex, And Massive Burst Damage, You're Squishy, Don't Go 1v1 With A Full Mana Lion That Have No Skills On Cooldown

Lina - Like Above, A Stun, But 1 Nuke, And A Burst Damage, You Could Have An Advantage By Moving Around, because the stun have a delay

Luna - Can Harass You Early Game, And Ultimate Hurts Alot And She Have A Great Mini-Stun That Deals Massive Damage

Kunkka - Harass With Tidebringer, Stun And X Marks The Spot Synergies so well, and ultimate will screw you up

Drow Ranger - Drow's Ultimate And Aura Synergies To Deal More Damage, Thus Out-Damaging You, And Can Slow You If You Run Away, Drow Is Much Similiar Like Sniper, But Is Less Item Dependent...

Again, I Don't Feel The Need To Say More, Because Sniper Has Too Many Foes

Skills - Explanation

Sharpnel - a very useless skill, not for chasing, nor running away, stats > sharpnel

Headshot - a very great skill, mini stuns the enemy on a chance dealing more damage, this is literary your only disable

Take Aim - increases your range, it could even out-range towers, making sniper one of the heroes that can take out towers easy

Ultimate, Assassinate - is your enemy running away? does luna's cat out-run you? DO YOU NEED TO CHASE THEM DOWN? well, today's your lucky day!!!!!! we have a sale for you? 50% off!!!! ASSASSINATE!!! shoot your enemies from 2000-3000 range and deal 355 - 655 BURST DAMAGE!!!!!!!! *call now: murder-them-using-assassinate-000* *note if you live in dwarf-ville you get a free delivery*

My First Guide

welp, thats it, my first guide, and my guide for sniper.

GL with this guide

Note: The Core Goes On In An Order Like This: Shadow Blade > Treads > Desolator > Crystalis

ty for your time to read my guide. :)

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