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Sniper Guide: Beyond Godlike Somebody kill them!!!

November 2, 2013 by TwoSwordsClash
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Ultimate Destruction

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Introduction: I

Hello. I am TwoSwordsClash, and this is the guide for Sniper. I this guide, I will show you my own tips and tricks and what you should do to be the professional. In this guide, I will write everything I learned about him when I started playing DotA2. I hope this guide will help you. Enjoy while reading.

Sniper: II

Sniper is an Agility based hero. His attacks are range-based. That hero is very good for newcomers in Dota 2. He has lot's of accuracy, and attack range. His LVL 6 Assassinate is mighty. You can shoot the bullet, there will be attack range before you lock him on. When you lock him, he will start running. But he cannot escape, because he was already marked.. For death! Unfortunatelly, he has low HP, so he is easy to kill when you attack alone. He always must take cover behined ally creeps. Never attack alone, if you use Sniper.

Sniper's Skills: III

Sniper has 4 skills. Shrapnel, Headshot, Take Aim, and his ultimate, Assassinate. Why Headshot maxed first? Because, there will be a chance when you can stun the enemy for a while, deal extra damage. Take Aim is a very useful skill, it will extend Sniper's shooting range, greatly. When you max that skill fully, the towers will not stand a chance against you. That means, you can attack the towers, they cannot lay a finger on you. His LVL 6 Assasinate is mighty. They are shot when marked, and enemy heroes cannot escape it. Shrapnel has low-use. You can only use Shrapnel to deal double damage to the towers. Shrapnel is useful only for that.

Sniper - Item Reccomendations: IV

First of all, buy some Healing Salves or some Tangoes. Be sure to buy Wraith Band and 1 Iron Branch immediatelly, when you start the game. These will help you on early-game. When you have enough gold, buy Power Threads, and change them on STR. Power Threads can help you, you will have more HP, more damage, Attack speed and range.

I find Shadow Blade very useful. You can get more damage. It is greatly useful when you are in trouble. Activate it, and you can run from any opponent. I found that Shadow Blade is a must for Sniper.

I found Manta Style very useful while playing as him. You can get much more damage and agility. Manta Style is useful for 2 things.

#1 - When you want to attack an enemy hero. Multiply yourself to deal devastating damage to the enemy.
#2 - When you want to finish of towers faster. You can finish the game faster if you use MS for that reason. Your choice.

Daedlus is very useful. As you can get much more damage. Damage is your priority. I also find this as a must on Sniper.

The Butterfly is a must on Sniper. Sniper is an Agility-Ranged-Based hero. He needs much more Agility. I find Butterfly a perfect item for Sniper. That is, if you need Agility.

And the last, Heart of Tarrasque, that item is outstanding on Sniper. Sniper has low HP pool, he can get much HP, he can even get attack points. I find this amazing on Sniper.

TwoSwordsClash's Play Style (Early-Game): V

Sniper is amazing for the Top-Lane. If you want to farm on creeps and kill enemies, go alone. If you need help, try to be more of a team-player and communicate with other Ally Heroes for help. Sniper would be crushed if you go alone with him, there is always someone who would just jump out and kill you. While that happens, you are powerless. Watch out for one hero, and the deadliest one: Riki. He has one of the best Ultimate Skills in the game. Permanent invisibilty. You will need to be on your guard every second.

Your goals at Early-Game
#1 - Farming on Creeps
#2 - Buying the Starting Items
#3 - Attend Teamfights for more rewards

Things to Avoid on Early-Game
#1 - Attacking alone
#2 - Doing Solo Roshan
#3 - Wasting your skills and items on Creeps

TwoSwordsClash's Play Style (Mid-Game): VI

When you reach LVL 10 (Mid Game Start), things will turn out to be more serious. Stick up with the Top-Lane, Never attack alone, and always be on your guard. Watch out for Riki, always. Your goals at Mid-Game
#1 - Try to level up, a lot
#2 - Rack up some kills
#3 - Do Roshan, with your teammates

Things to avoid at Mid-Game
#1 - Attacking alone
#2 - Wasting your skills and items on Creeps
#3 - Being Stunned or Silenced

TwoSwordsClash's Play Style (Late-Game): VII

Alright, when you reach LVL 17 (Late-Game Start), you will need every advantage possible, in the battlefield. You should have enough money to buy 5/6 items suggested: Power Threads, Shadow Blade, Manta Style, Daedlus and The Butterfly. When you get enough money, immediately buy Heart of Tarrasque, a strongly reccomended item. Just because you bought all of the items suggested, don't think you are the strongest out there..

Your goals at Late Game
#1 - Attend Teamfights
#2 - Doing Roshan
#3 - Buy all of the Items Suggested

Things to avoid at Late-Game
#1 - Attacking alone
#2 - Wasting items for something unneccesary

Outroduction: VIII

Well, this is all I had to write for Sniper. Slip' by all the comments, the good and bad ones. If I find any mistake in this guide, it will be fixed, sooner of later. PM me if you want any more guides, or just discuss it with fellow DOTAFIRE members.

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