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Sniper Guide (6.79v)

January 15, 2014 by Mi16r4XLR8
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Sniper Guide (6.79v)

January 15, 2014


I decided to write this guide because while i was causually browsing the sniper guide i found many errors in many of the top rated guides...I am not a professional to call them noobs but after 2 years of experience of playing sniper i can certainly say the builds are probably a harsh word but "useless", I am writing this guide to correct the people who want to play him to his full potential hope you enjoy it..


Sharpnel: Used for slowing down and a decent DPS ... but the damage is felt only to creeps in
the entire game... so for a carry its pretty essential to save mana for ultimate.

Head shot:A skill that compensates for your low base damage and the sweet mini bash also
to be one of most irritating skills in late game when you have a serious attack
speed.IT COMPLETELY STACKS WITH Monkey King Bar so that gives it a extra
bash... together they have 40% chance to bash at once.

Take aim: How can anyone a sniper who doesnt have range..This skill makes you what you are.
After leveling up the skills your range is 630/710/790/870
In the earlier version at level 3 he outranges the towers but by the recent 6.79
update this is achieved at level 2.He ***king outranges everything in the game.

Assassinate: At level 3 a huge 3000 range and 655 damage AND a 10sec CD...This type of CD
even most heroes dont have on their first skill but 10sec CD of an ultimate is

Max up the sharpnels first as at level 1 the damage
120 to creeps and 40 to buildings
but at level 4
480 to creeps and 160 to buildings
All for 120 mana, so spam it at level 4

Take aim :Early level 2 is necessary to hit towers
Head shot: For early game farm it helps in lasthitting.(till you farm your Aquilla and PT)

Assassinate is leveled at regular 6-11-16 for netting few kills


Always see the enemy heroes and guess the mid hero and the hardlane heroes.
If the mid heroes are Viper, Lina, Lion or any such heroes who have a nuke and are known to harras the **** out of opponent never go against them because you are a simple creep for them who ofcourse gives extra gold and XP... but dont be sad in the late game you will make them pay for their sins.Going safe lane with preferably a support is the best case situation.

Get as many last hits as possible but dont be too greedy this may get you killed ..this hero need a lot of farm to be beefed up.Headshot will get you the lasthits easily.. farm till you hit level 6 then call for a gank or go to other lanes for a gank and try to get the kill.

Once you have decent farm ie: Yasha Helm PT and(Wand or Aquilla) and a TP scroll.. start getting involved in all the fights and ganks and try to get the lasthits you can certainly killsteal from a less important hero.

Key to Sniper is DO NOT REVEAL YOURSELF in a teamfight or a gank as when someone spots you will be targetted as you are the carry and also easy to kill.. So attack from behind the trees and have a proper positioning all the time.

ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR CORE/LUXURY: Manta, Butterfly and Satanic you can kill any one, but that doesnt mean become a Ursa or PA and enter the fight and kill anyone ... U should always maintain the silent killer status. When in a team fight plan and then fight.. the supports should be taken out first then the carries will be more vulnerable and you would ultimately win.

In early game ie: level 1 to 8 dont spam sharpnels, first max it up and get yourself a ring of aquilla/ or may be also a PT after that put the treads on Int and start spamming your sharpnels, when you select the area near the tower select in such a way that the creeps and towers both are in the AOE.If there is a risk of denying the towers or some stupid Ally comes up and tries to lasthit the tower use this skill, you need to take the towers last hit it gives you gold and this would be the only big gold you would get.

But playing a push style doesnt mean you are not able to kill anyone, but instead of killing enemy heroes and comming in their hate list(DOTA is about mindgames suppose you harass a weak early gamer and also take his first blood he would take a revenge), once you get your desolator you get armour peircing bullets and also 60 damage gain then you can easily kill many weak low hp heroes, but still try annd concentrate on the towers.

Once you destroy a tower in one lane see the map and check for missing heroes, if by that time you dont have your Shadow Blade and heroes are missing on the map BACK OFF because they are comming to gank you.So in this case switch lanes and destroy that lanes tower , try and destroy the mid tower because in a backdoor situation it can regen its hp.

try and take down tier 1 tower of two lanes and then use the split push strategy,
Eg: When your team(even if 3-4 players) is pushing the mid tower their entire would try and come mid and stay there, your presence is required there but if you know your team can do it without you then move to a side lane and start hitting the tower their this way even if you couldnt take a mid tower you tokk down a side tower unharmed and without no resistance in this case you would eat the tower quite easily and quickly with you Desolator.
BUT DO NOT DO THIS WHEN THEY ATTACK YOUR TIER 3 TOWER or YOUR TEAM ATTACKS THEIR TIER 3 TOWER because in that case even the baracks may fall and you dont want to fight a creep twice the power and size of your creep.


I have read in many guides about making items as follows
Basher/Abbys: Why would an agility ranged carry prefer a basher over a Yasha/Manta??
never make a basher on sniper.NEVER. You are not a Perma basher are a DPS
hero who need a lot of attack speed and damage

Eye of Skadi : Seriously a slow is not required because once you have a good AS your MKB and Headshot will be enough torture for opponents.

Medal and Mask of Madness : You are a paper hero.. more importantly who immediately dies
against a strong early-mid game hero why will you make yourself more vulnerable to die by reducing armour or extra damage.

AC: Not a bad item, but you are a silent killer and AC shows your presence.

Best for Sniper:

Helm-Satanic: Helm gives you lifesteal as well as armour and HP regen a good item.. moreover you can stack ancients by your dominated creep if support is not doing the job correctly.and do i need to tell why satanic is good? well 175% lifesteal active and 25% passive cannot be taken lightly.

Yasha-Manta:Early-Mid game yasha for increased MS and Agility and Manta for Survivability, pushing or rather eating up the towers, if correctly timed you can dodge slow projectile like Wraith Knights stun, CK stun, Puck's orb, Vipers Ult with lot of practice,skywraiths skills and many more.

Shadow Blade: Survibality..!! and in late game Surprising the enemy.

PT then sell them and buy BOT: Power treads are very useful ...I have seen many players who do not toggle the int,agi and strength mode ... remember to use it wisely it can save you.

Butterfly: 35% evasion and Insane agility gain... ALL AGI CARRIES NEED IT!

Crys/Daedalus : CRITS!!

Aquilla : Early game it provides required mana for spamming sharpnels.

PT: You can toggle between your STR INT and AGI whenever you want to push use INT for spamming.

Desolator: It reduces 6 armour !Best item to destroy towers.

AC: For much needed for beefing you up it gives you 15 armour and also the aura reduces armour of opponent and adds armour to allies very good for pushing and for some tank ability.

Maelstrom/Mjollnir: Thy do not stack with Desolator, but in a situation when there is a pusher on opposite team like furion, Brood , enigma who can get their own creeps it is a must because Desolator is for eating towers it is a single target system but to clear creepwaves Maelstrom is useful.Mjollnir also gives you a barrier and insane attack speed.

When you have Maelstrom/Mjollnir and Desolator in your inventory when you attack someone (creep/Hero) only Maelstrom/mjollnir will trigger no effect of deso would be felt and only when you attack towers Desolator will be used and Maelstrom will deactivate.So buy is wisely.

Pros / Cons

Range greater than towers
Does not need to get into the fight,plays at a safe distance
10 sec CD ultimate
Carrying as well as pushing ability
Minibash can cancel TP and other channelling
Good attack animation
Easy lasthitting

WEAK easy kill for equally farmed carries
Mana problems (only if not played correctly)
Low base damage
Very item dependent

Friends and Foes


Butcher Pudge: He is also a silent killer and if he spots and hooks you become dead
meat.Counter to him is wards and map awareness and communication with team

Spirit Breaker: His bash and short CD of ultimate makes you a perfect kill in early game for'
his initial gold ... If he is on the opponents team safe if he is
missing stay close to towers or with a team mate who has stun or banishment
(SD or OD).Wards and communication also a good support is his counter

Night Stalker:You dont want to be his first dinner?He has huge MS,slow and silence and you
will be his best kill in early game and probably first.Counter: He will surely
come mid if others can manage sidelanes ... if he comes mis you should also
go mid and harass and deny as much as possible taking advantage of your range.
Then on first night when you see him coming stay close to your tower and
juke him in the small patch of trees near you tier 1 mid tower, call for backup or try to escape

RiKi: That irritating thing will be your trouble from level 6 to around level 16.. till
level 16 you should get your core items but if he outfarms you .. you cannot kill
him 1v1.Counter: Sentry wards and a team mate with orchid or silence..Buying
dust will also be good..always remember to get out of his smoke.Your ultimate has true sight and you can hit him and try to kimm him in that 2 sec window as he is weak too.

Lion/Lina: They have early game power and you are weak early game.They also have heaviest
nuke which if they cast on you ... you are dead.
Counter:Play at a safe distance and abuse your Take aim skill when they come close back off, once you get stunned the they would certainly kill you with their ultimate but remember they are nothing without their ults.

Tinker: YOu are right click hero and he blinds you any thing worse?

Slardar/Bounty hunter: Their Ultimates are spammable and also counter your only
escape (Shadow Blade which you paid 3000 for)also the Bash and
crits are not good.

Enemies like Void, PA ,TA ,Spectre,Ursa, Legion when equally farmed there is no counter to it just try and escape somehow you will definately not kill them 1v1 in any case.In case of such heroes you need to destroy their early game and gank the **** out of them or else when the are fed you cannot kill them.

Blademail : Usually made on tanky heroes so you get more damage than they are and on that you are low hp hero.

Enemies: All heroes with nuke and heavy stuns and early game power counter you in early game but you are a nightmare for them in late game(LINA AND LION ARE EXCEPTIONS)a 1000 damage can seriously harm you in all phases.


All the supports who heal like omniknight,Dazzle,Treant,Warlock
and also give mana regen and stun like CM are good allies

Wraith Knight:Vampiric aura completely stacks with other lifesteal and Orb effects.
SNIPER does not have synergy with any specific hero.But Tanky heroes with stuns are very helpful.Eg: CK,Wraith knight,Sven,


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