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December 27, 2013 by Supermokeyed
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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December 27, 2013


Whatup guys?? Supermokeyed (typo) here bringing you a SNIPER guide.

Sniper is a ranged agility hero. He is capable of dealing large amounts of damage from an insanely far range. He can stay out of creep and tower aggro range. That means he can destroy towers without even getting hit! He does have one major issue. His SQUISHYNESS (low amount of health).

This build is designed for damage. Positioning is crucial for Sniper's success. Think about where you're standing!



Skill #1 - SHRAPNEL

When cast, this skill will do damage over time and slow enemy movement speed. I find this useful for pushing/structure damage. I don't level this skill much until later game when I have headshot and take aim leveled to the max.

Skill #2 - HEADSHOT

This is one of Sniper's passive skills. It give's Sniper's auto-attack a chance to deal some extra damage and a mini-stun on impact. I level this up fast and first for harassment in the early stages of the game. It also comes to use in late game, when Sniper's attack speed is increased - basically causing a deadly/annoying stun to enemy units and heroes.

Skill #3 - TAKE AIM

This is another one of Sniper's passive abilities. It increases Sniper's auto-attack range by a whopping 320 units!! Useful for staying far away from enemies but still able to hit them. This is a VERY important skill to have on Sniper becuase of his low tolerance of getting hit.


This skill is Sniper's ultimate. It is basically a high-powered shot that can be fired from an insane range of 2000-3000 units!! Great for picking off fleeing enemies. It is a spammable ability, only having a 15 second cooldown. It is, however, a VERY mana-intensive skill on sniper. He might only be able to get off 2-3 shots early to mid game. So use wisely!!

Item Build

Start Of Game

Salve/Tango - Basic regeneration items. Just in case you get hit. Remember, use tangoes when you are only missing about 100-200 health. When You take more severe damage (300-400), pop a salve.

Slippers Of Agility - Helps you last hit a bit easier. 6 Damage helps a bit at the start don't you think?

Iron Branch - Provides a little bit of affordable health and just an extra bit of damage. Hey, you got 60 gold left.

Early/Mid Game - Get in order

Boots - This is to increase movement speed. You either want to make PHASE OR TREADS. It's a personal preference. TREADS will give you extra attack speed while phase will give u the ability to sprint (basically) and deal more damage.

Mithril Hammer - a component of the DESOLATOR, which is one of your main sources of damage. You need two of these and a 900 gold recipe to make the DESOLATOR. Good if you aren't getting ganked much in early - mid game. If you are getting ganked, you'd want something else first. The SHADOW BLADE.

Claymore - a component of the SHADOW BLADE. If you're building the shadow blade before the desolator, I reccomend buying the claymore first - then the shadow amulet.

Maelstrom - This is a part of the MJOLLNIR, which is one of your core items. It Provides decent damage and attack speed. It also has a chance to spread a lighning bolt across your enemies.

Hyperstone - Another part of the MJOLLNIR. It provides some more attack speed. I reccomend getitng the Maelstrom first, then the HYPERSTONE.

Yasha - This an agility item. It provides some movement speed, attack speed, and agility. You want to make this first, then a Sange - that creates SANGE AND YASHA, a core item.

Vitality Booster - Provides you with some extra health. You want to turn this into a SOUL BOOSTER later down the line.

ex. Buy mithril --> upgrade ot desolator ASAP.


Treads OR Phase - Provides you the movement speed needed and either the extra damage or the extra attack speed.

Desolator - Your BIGGEST source of damage because it is ARMOR PIERCING. It subtracts 7 armor from your target.

Mjollnir - This provides the necessary attack speed and extra damage. The chance of the lgihtning bolt spreading through your targets is a nice thing to have.

SANGE AND YASHA - This provides the extra movement speed, damage, a bit of health, attack speed, and the greater maim helps slow running targets.

Shadow Blade - This is basically the escape mechanism. It does still provide the bit of attack speed and damage.

Soul Booster - This is just something that helps Sniper's health and mana out a bit.


Sniper is a great damage dealer. He just excells at dealing damage at a long range away from the enemy. You want to position yourself well, away from danger. Sniper is extremely squishy - deal damage, don't take it!

If you have this whole build complete (which means you need a LOT of farming) you will be able to conquer everything. Your damage paired with your attack speed will obliterate the enemy team.

So that pretty much wraps everything up. I know it's a short guide but I just find the item explaination important. Hope you guys understand the build!

And Just remember - DON'T GET HIT!!


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