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Sniper Carry Build

April 17, 2014 by oelBay
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Standard Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills




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Take Aim

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Sniper Carry Build

April 17, 2014


SO! You wanna play sniper. Well to start off you need a good build my young gent'.
The sniper is based around his agility,damage and range. Focus on these things and you can dominate the Lanes.

Item Build/ Skills.

So that set up there? Called "Core" And "Item Build"?
You're probably like (You- But Bay!? Why would i ever need shrapnel? And Maelstorm?)
Well looky here small diluted child. Both of those things are good for your farming needs little one. (You- Golly gee!) Golly Gee is right. Annoy the **** of other heroes with shrapnel and use it over creeps to get last hit on them, also really effective on towers.
The Maelstorm is there for the same reason, Farming. Chain it to hit other heroes aswell as getting last hit on low health creeps.
Now for the rest of the items, the Helm is for the extra damage, and small armor boost that sniper needs to support his squishiness. Yasha for the extra speed and agility attributes.
Power treads, you need that attack speed young sir.
Crystalys for easy farm with your criticals.
Shadow Blade nice damage boost and easy getaway with the invisibility.
The rest of the items in "End Game" are just the stronger versions of each other.
Excluding Desolator if you want that get that armor reduction Son.


But bay what order do i get them in?- You
If you want fast farm get Maelstorm.
If you want good Lane Domination Get Crystalys.
If constantly getting ganked get Shadow Blade.
If needing an extra boost get Yasha.
Always get Power Treads First, You need the health boost and attack speed if on strength.
Get the Helm whenever you want, its just a nice thing to have in early games.


Run along little one, you are ready to take aim and get wrecked or do some of the wrecking.
Nobody can help your playstyle, Just give you some crutchs for survival.
Tip my hat to you.

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