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Sniper (6.87d) Tower Huger and Late Tower Destroyer

June 6, 2016 by RoUgE YsR
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Sniper (6.87d) Tower Huger and Late Tower Destroyer

June 6, 2016


I am RoUgE||Y S R and I found that there are not many sniper lover around and no guild for sniper for 6.87 update yet so i decided to make one for you guys who loves to play sniper any ways regardless of the opponent picks.

I am sure you guys will like it cause this will give you a different way of playing sniper. Bythe way you can find me on DOTABuff here is the link http://www.dotabuff.com/players/186675774.


I must say he is very squishy early game and can be killed under the tower also with ease not because of his low health but mostly he dies because of this low base movement speed


Good farmer/pusher/harasser with Shrapnel
1000 night vision
Tied for best animation in the game
Really stupidly good at pushing, especially slow pushes
Long range, which gets even longer with levels
Strong offensive steroid with Headshot
Strong, long range, low-cooldown nuke with Assassinate
Good at kiting

(Disgustingly?) bad base damage
Trash movespeed
No survivability skill
Open to getting blinked/waveformed/timewalked/shadow bladed
Mediocre usefulness without farm
No escape mechanism


Well this guild is not focusing on movement speed much this build will give you enough movespeed to avoid ganks and to move through jungle quick for the tower defenses when you will be farming the jungle

Mostly in early game an early wind lace is sufficient with boots of course this will give you 355 move speed that is greater than most of heros in dota 2

In Late Game you will have Manta and Silver Edge wtih you for your move speed

Attack Speed

This the stat we are working on this guild cause if you have high AS then there will be more Head Shots and more Lightning

Early Game your AS will not be good enough so you be relying on Sharnel to harass or farm if you have hard time last hitting

In Mid Game you have enough AS from Treads,Maelstrom,Armlet and Yasha around 0.5s for one attack and that can scare any body

Late Game is the time to shine if your team is losing and you are defending the T3 tower then no one is better than sniper at defending T3 with so much AS Thunder will Ramble here and there and Creeps will just wipe out as soon as the hit the high ground but be careful even with armlet people might want to jump on you so always bring an attention seeker with you like SVEN or HUSKEY

Early Game

Well this the part where Sniper his highly vulnerable to the Ganks and a good team will always target you cause you are useless with out farm and One of the easiest hero to kill thats why I suggest you to tower hug if you are playing in safe lane and keep a support with you preferable Omni or Dazzle If your team have no support then get a ward and place it in the side so you can see the incoming ganks and dont go to away from tower

If the lane is pushed High then farm the small camps but dont show up in pushed lane or be carefull cause your movespeed sucks and a stun and you are dead

Just try to get as last as possible and build your Aquila and Treads fast..

Mid Game

Well a this point of time you should be able to farm atleast two core that is Maelstrom and the Armlet of Mordigona. Well you can argue why Armlet why not MoM or HoD well it is simple first of all you dont need much regen you just lack the Strength gain that is 1.7 in case of Sniper and that is so **** that he die instantly if got caught in the fight or got blinked with armlet he get 25 AS 31 eextra damage when turned on and a 25 str gain which is around 450 HP
and to drain 450 HP when armlet is on it take around 14 sec which more than enough time for any battle to be decided

MaelStrom is must and the first big item to get as it will improve you farming speed manifold and you can clear jungle very fast and can defend tower very easily so this item is must and should be always brought as first big core item and don't forget to be a tower huger until you get the armlet

Late Game

This is time where Sniper shines with around 0.46 sec Attack time he can screw anybody but be carefull and stay behind your alllies and wait for fight get started as the fight begin normaly people tends to attack who they see first so always fire your attack from behind or from the jungle and guess what your attack will hit them so hard they you can frie who team in few of your attacks so it is necessary for you to stay alive Manta can be use to push the lane or to aviod stuns and Silver edge to Kill the most impactfull and passive dependendt hero fast use Mjollnir on your Tank thats it you can frie anybody at this stage just be care full with you postion


The most important thing is never get caught in the middle of fight and steal some kills if you able to get some kills when you hit lvl 6-7 then it will be very hard for opponents to stop you

And one more thing try to end the game with 0 deaths i am asking a lot but this is the best you can ask from anybody if you don,t die early game and the mid game then it will help you gain you item faster.

And Apply these thing only if oppenent has invi or gap Closer hero other wise you can Dominate any lineup

Good Luck and Comment if you find this guild usefull or **** express you emotions and help me write a good guild next time bytheway this my first guild ;)


In this build your main is too survive cause opponent have too many stunner or gap closer heros who can kill you in blink of an eye so your main job is not to get killed or not to pick sniper under those circumstances

So about survival max your shrapnel first if you are playing in Mid lane helps alot in gaining lane control and i bet that you can stack every min ancient camp up-till 15 min this will give your team a 2k gold n 2k exp buff only by ancient stack and also get a ward n place on the other side of river so you can see hooks if facing pudge or any long range hero and also help in getting your ***ination by giving you extra vision

When in Safe lane Get a ward or ask support to place in side so u can see the ganks and max shrapnel after one point in both head shot n take aim and Do not die thats important if you want purchase your boots than just put some showers and some auto attacks you can easily push the lanes for lane control but your ideal place will be just beside the tower where it is very hard to gank if lane is pushing toward the tower just shower a shrapnel

and by the 18 min you should have the maelstrom at max 20 min if you are having hard time or getting killed rest of the item choices is upto to match situation or you can choice the same set i have shown but it might not always work as if you are facing pa or jugg u need to get Shadow Blade Fast or you are just food for them for pa especially you need to get Silver Edge Fast if thats not the case then go standard and get Armlet Of Mordigona that will give you lots of survibility and good against Riki,Slark or any that can caught you by surprise except the stuns you are dead if you are not able to toggle it too get extra dps n pushing power now we will build the DESOLATOR this will assist your teammates well in team fights and after that get Yasha for movement speed which is important as you have to sell wind laces by now next is your choice either to get Manta or Silver Edge both are good

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