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Slash and Dash Jugg (Personal Guide)

May 20, 2018 by ManOfManyNames
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early game items

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

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Healing Ward

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Blade Dance

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This build is made for a friend of mine who is new to Dota and is made for their personal use. If you wish to use it feel free but just know it wasn't made for higher tier plays.

Skills Explination

Q Blade Fury

This ability is amazing early game. From it's damage to it's lack of ability to use most spells, it is a very dangerous ability. Jugg spins in a magic immune circle dealing damage to all enemies around him. This deals high damage and can be used before teleport to make it much harder to interrupt. It can be used to show dominance in a lane or if you have some hard CC, get an easy kill. It especially is good at level 3 and should be used very aggressively.

Useful tip!
You can still attack towers in the form. All on-hit effects will trigger while attacking a target but the damage from your basic attack will not trigger. On hit effects (Such as your basher or diffusal blade) will still hurt the enemy and effect them during this duration. A little stun or mana drain can go a long way.

W Healing Ward

A beauty of an ability for a jugg on the go or for trying to lane. Taking an early point in this is crucial if you don't have someone in lane that can heal you. It heals based on a % of max health maxing it always good to have but it only has a single basic attack worth of health. It's massive duration and area healing can be amazing in a fight so don't neglect to throw it up if you're about to head into a big teamfight. It isn't all one big barrage of health but a little trickle of health that can add up very quickly especially when running away.

E Blade Dance

This is pretty simple. It's a crit chance passive. I never truly notice it except for the off occasion when it makes me miss a last hit. It doesn't do that much damage and isn't worth putting many levels into early. Even late game, it has very little effect once so ever except for the occasional 1.8x damage spike. Even so it's a petty amount even with it's high chance.

R Omni Slash

Omnislash is the bread and butter of Jugg for some or just a good pick me up for others. He can be built around this move but it is typically better to go ahead and love the free and easy kills it can give you as is.
Omni slash is a single target ability that will bounce to other enemies (including creeps) if they are around. It applies all on hit effects such as desolator, battlefury, diffusal blade, etc. It pierces spell immunity and will continue to do damage even if they have magic immunity. Early game, this is a free kill typically when combo'd with your q after if you have the manapool. You will want to isolate your target from their allies and their minion wave. After this, omnislash will hit all on the target dealing massive damage.

Enemies such as Pugna and Necophos that have the ability to go into ethernal will not be effected by this move for the duration of the ethernal. All enemies can buy this ability with the item Ghost Scepter to counter you. Careful with your ultimate if they have this item.

Build Explination

Early Game Items
This is a defensive build made for easier farming and an ability to take a few blows. The mango can be traded out for a clarity or two but you'll be trading the health regen. Make sure to focus on last hits with this build but don't neglect a kill if your laning partner sets you up.

Diffusal Blade
A pretty decent item to get on Jugg. This item deals damage to the enemies hp as well as to their mana. Every hit takes 50 mana and deals .8 of that as damage to them. This item alone hits hard as hell in the early game but if that wasn't bad enough it also has an active. The active turns the enemy into a turtle. Not literally. It applies one nasty slow to a single target and is great for setting yourself up for kills when they start to run.

Manta Style
A must have for a new Jugg. This item will help you learn a bit of dispell on enemy abilities as well as disjointing enemy projectiles. The item not only makes you move faster, attack faster, and hit harder, it gets you plenty of stats as well as giving you the ability to spawn two illusions. Upon doing this, you remove some debuffs and are removed from the game for a very small split second. If used correctly, this will ****ing save your life so many times and throw off your enemies that think you are silenced or have a debuff. It also adds to the confusion with 2 other yous!

Phase Boots
Personally, I like power treads but to a new player you may need the speed boost whenever you can get it. These boots look slow by base stats but the active gives you a healthy move speed bonus. It also packs a nice bit of damage with it and can be used during your Q. This also makes catching up to enemies easier and makes isolating them for your ult a breeze.

A late game item that has a special place in my heart. Typically to be bough after the basher (See Abyssal blade below) this item allows you to chase your enemies even harder with another movement speed active. Massive attack speed, chances to evade basic attacks, and a massive damage increase makes this item a must have for taking towers and making yourself plenty speedy to move in and out of fights as you please.

Desolator is an item that allows you to get through your enemy's armor as well as tower armor. This is also applied during your ultimate making it even more dangerous. Used for pushing hard. Against more tankier heros, this is easy to throw down your enemy and hold them down with basher and diffusal. It will shred right through their health.

Abyssal Blade
Basher is the item that builds into this which I recommend getting as a mid-game item. It will allow you the chance to stun with every hit which really does come in handy with your other abilities and items backing it up. The reason you don't upgrade this until later is because it doesn't really help all that much. It applies defence to you which can be important if you are dieing a lot but you are typically going to get a lot more out of investing your money in other items.

Optional Items

Aghs is one hell of a beauty. Along with your level 25, it adds strikes to your ultimate which can either completely destroy a tanky target, or in some cases bounce around an entire team and really decimate them. There can be entire builds around getting this off and I've even seen people with refresher to capitalize on this but it isn't needed and they fall off really fast. Your current build is to win fights and take towers quick before everyone and their mother hits level 25 and has builds. Fighting on fair ground is never fun.

Battle Fury
An item generally made to make farming easier. In many other characters, it is essential to have to get as much farm as quickly as possible and be able to fight. The reason I didn't put this in is because I disagree with the need for it. Even in early game, Jugg can fight heavily and doesn't need much farm to deal damage this way. He does need farm to keep up but investing heavily into a battle fury always seemed like a waste of early game kill potential to shut your enemy down. This item will generally slow a jugg player down.

Black King Bar
Not to be confused with Monkey King Bar. I still do even with all my hours. This is for if the enemy has a hard spellcaster that is shutting you down in fights or a lot of items are also on you from cores or supports. It makes you magic immune and gives you a Basic Dispell on cast. The reason it isn't included, is this is situational for many many different types of CC while mantastyle can get rid of a good portion of CC. This item also prevents a lot of magic damage coming your way so use it only if you have to as it doesn't provide good enough stats to be key to your build unless seriously needed.

Blink Dagger
Blink Dagger is an item to make you even more illusive or go in hard with your ultimate. I personally dislike it but I will say that I've seen quite a good few people play it well against me. It can be sold if you are max level and have some pocket cash later but early and especially mid game it can catch your enemies off guard and make you harder to deal with.

Sivers Edge
For the same reason Blink Dagger is on here, Silvers Edge is a pretty great item for making yourself sneaky. Unlike Blink Dagger, this item allows you to run freely where you wish until they get wards. For the duration, you will be invisible making it fun to run into an enemy lane and hit them hard. The first attack will deal bonus damage when coming out of stealth. USING A SPELL WILL WASTE THIS EXTRA DAMAGE! This item can be bought from shadowblade but unlike it's brother, it takes passives away from the enemy for a short duration which can turn the tide quickly in your favor. It also has a lot of nice stats making it my preferred item over blink dagger. That being said, blink dagger has it's own charm on other players. Don't underestimate it.

Eye of Skadi
Eye of Skadi is for more lock down. If you find you aren't tankish enough and your enemies are getting away from you easily, this may help. Every single attack slows now by a decent bit. That's it. The stats are pretty nice but this shouldn't be a first buy by ANY means. It's like making an RPG character. You want a specialty and not to be rounded. Dealing fast damage and being able to obliterate your enemy quickly gives them less chance to respond and allows you to not get into sticky situations. This is for later in game when you are already dominating to top yourself off.

Enemies to watch out for

Anyone with Orchid
Early game and especially late, you will rely on your magic immunity from your Q. Before you get manta style, a silence can throw you off quickly and may result in a kill against you. While jugg does hit very hard, it's hard to fight when you are combo'd due to lack of magic immunity. Once you have manta style, you'll be able to purge the silence by using it. Until then, be wary of orchid and silences.

Doom, Pudge, Beast Master, Terrorblade
These are heroes with the ability to break through your magic immunity. Often, you will Q and use teleport to get out of sticky situations. These are heroes that can use abilities on you even with that. While I'm sure I missed some others or abilities that can also do this, these will be ones you need to watch out for.
Doom has the ability to make you unable to use items or abilities. His ultimate is extremely scary and you should be on alert if the enemy team sees you as an important target. A manta style illusion may make good bait for this.
Pudge and Beastmaster have ultimates that will not only break channeling of the teleport but also stun you for a pretty long duration. They should be watched out for in major teamfights because if you are doing too well, chances are you're gonna be hit hard by these.
Terrorblade can change the health of an enemy with his own. The first time you get hit by this ability you're one of two things. "What the ****?" or "Oh." He is something you will have to learn to play around or charge deep into even with low hp. His ultimate (Swap hp ability) will pierce your spell immunity so even your Q cannot save guard you against this. Your omnislash is a great way to end it or defend against it if you believe he is about to swap health with you.

Spirit Breaker
Spirit Breaker is a coinflip on if he will be useful or not most matches. Some people are really bad with him but with the proper team, he can ****ing be a monster and earn his name. His ultimate can also break through your magic immunity and even after that he can barrage you with endless stuns making him very tough to fight in a teamfight. Try and eliminate him quickly if the opportunity arises because his team will probably be behind him.

Axe is an initiator of pretty good teamfights. His ability is to blink in, taunt with blademail turned on, and have a chance to spin based on how many people hit him. This is someone that will lock you down heavily if you don't watch out for him. Most axe's do the same thing so after you learn how to fight one, you'll notice there are very few that do anything different. Be ready for the blink dagger and think about where the best place for them to blink would be. Then don't be there.

Final Notes

As always, be in motion if you are a carry.
Idle hands makes for a poor carry.
There are two times you should not be doing something:
At the beginning of the game if you are not invading.
If you are waiting for a setup for a teamfight.

Always be in motion and you'll bend the flow of the game in your favor.


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