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Slark unusual aggressive Mid gameplay

January 9, 2013 by MackBombs
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Aggressive slark build

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

4 12 13 14


1 3 5 7

Essence Shift

2 8 9 10

Shadow Dance

6 11 16


15 17 18

Slark unusual aggressive Mid gameplay

January 9, 2013

The beggining

When i first played slark, i felt in love with that little fish, his escape mechanism, the increasing ASP, his militia(hit and run) style everything. As i played him more, i felt i wasnt using him to to his full potential, every guide i read said the same thing: go side lane with support, play safe, get 6 go gank, farm, carry. But i could see that there was more about this hero, so i went to a pub and asked mid, despite everyone flamming me and saying that they would report me for throwing the game, but i went there anyway versus a shadow fiend. Usually i have a pretty over aggressive playstyle so it translated into this hero although the fact he was squishy as hell, then BAM..., level 3 i got first blood on SF and i thought with myself, i was right there is much more early game potential in this assassin then everyone thinks and i am planning to show it to you.

First step: winning mid lane

As i said before, i am writing this guide to demonstrate a totally different approch to slark, focused on the middle lane. These tarting itens shall give you some stats and a decent damage block so you don't lose much hp untill level 2, play passively through the first 5 creeps that you need to level up(i am counting one or two denies from your enemy). As soon as you become level 2 you become one of the strongest heros lvl 2, since with essence shift you will get extra 3 dmg while the enemy lose 19 max hp per hit, a well landed pounce (3.5s) give enought time to u land about 3 hits and if you are good you can land even more if you bodyblock him, since almost no hero has any significant damaging lvl 1 skill you will take almost no damage, and the best part all that for 75 mana. Exactly what you said for 75 mana any opposing hero will be half hp, or with less %mana than you since he must have blown his escape mechanism (QoP) and since you are right next to him many skill shots will be very hard to land (SF will be able to only hit you with one raze). Although punce lvl 1 has a decent cooldown, all u will need is some time to aim to leave your enemy blowing away salves and tangos. Now you ask "Oh god how will i land those pounces?", its simple my dear pupil, since it goes trough the creeps has range of 700 while most rangeds have max range of 600, you will need to remember your TA training, attack the creeps trying to line you and your enemy and when they try to harass you, BAAM, they are caught and are running back half hp. Most enemies once blown all tangos and salves will try to continue in the lane even with a reatively low HP aaaaaand thats when you get your first blood. Although it says so in the skill buiild, only get Dark Pact if you see a potential harming debuff like Tinkers thats will meke you miss al your attacks, otherwise stick with essence shift since slark doesnt have much HP to use dark pact without putting him in the way of danger. For your sake you have to limit the ways of the enemy regenarating HP, so its very important to have rune control or by you or by a teammate.

Mid game

Now if you lost or won mid it doesnt matter anymore, now you have two goals: get OoV, treads and bottle. Your second goal is to gank succesfully, with your Ult you can easily grab runes and with a bit of attention you can find paths that are unwarded, this will be basically your mid game and unfortunately my games with slark haven't lasted long enough for me to properly analyze the late game skills of his, i will update this guide anytime soon any question just add me on steam and i will be glad to answer them, also i would like to receive any feedback you have on this guide thanks to the attention and good slarking to you.

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