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Slark: The Fishface's Guide *Under construction*

November 22, 2012 by Palma
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Common build

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

4 9 10 12


1 3 5 8

Essence Shift

2 7 13 14

Shadow Dance

6 11 16


15 17 18

Slark: The Fishface's Guide *Under construction*

November 22, 2012


I must say that I'm really fallen in love in this hero. I don't like playing any others heroes since Slark came out. I've been testing different skill/item builds on my games and found out that this build up there suited for me well. I hope you can test it and tell your opinion about it, I might add some more text like tips & tricks chapter when I get more time.

Item explanation


Slark is one of the heroes who is good in any lane. Middle, Easy and hard lane are okay for him but you don't want go to tri-lane since he needs to get level 6 as soon as possible.
Picking up boots, tango and gg branch should be fine since you don't want to play with it aggressively as a low leveled (so squishy). When you hit level 6 you get passive health regen to yourself and might want go to gank if you think your lane partner won't be in trouble without you. Nor if you are on mid lane, push the lane to enemy tower and go gank top or bottom lane

Early game

By now, you should have soul ring and threads ready to go. Nothing special mentioning hero, if you are laning with a hard carry you should go gank on other lane since you got interminable mana (soul ring). Focus on squishy heroes and try to get kills as fast as you can to get your shadow blade fast.

Mid game

When you get your shadow blade ready you are ready to kick some *** while chewing bubble gum. Shadow Blade gives you 30 attack speed which means you won't run out of stats and also it gives 30 damage which Slark really needs (+160 damage). Go gank on enemy jungle and slow the enemy carry farming.

Gank order:

>Use shadow blade > right click the enemy > dark pact > pounce > shadow dance > Right clicks
and maybe a dark pact again if not already dead.

After you got a kill use shadow blade again and look if any enemy hero is going to jungle see what's going on.

Shadow blade is really worth of it, trust me. It makes Slark master of ganking and besides that, it also makes him master of escaping. You can win 1v2 situations if you play it right.

Late game

When you have assassinate the enemy heroes for a while you get plenty of gold and experience since you are able to gank as a solo. Skull Basher is the item to get. It gives you moar damage so you won't be so essence dependent and also chance to bash enemy for a 1.4 seconds which will be really profitable since you are still really squishy.


Force Staff: If enemy fell fed carry fot a gem which keeps killing you and he/she won't just die you might want to consider get force staff instead of shadow blade. Your ganks won't be so succeful as they were with shadow blade butatleast you won't be feeding.

Medallion of Courage: If the enemy team got a very tanky hero like Axe or Centaur Warchief this item is worth of buying. Those 2 heroes makes you the more damage the more right clicks you hit and you'll be surely dead when you shadow dance is over.

Monkey King Bar: This item is almost must if the enemy team got passive evasion or butterfly carry hero like Void or Phantom Assassin. It gives you really nice boost on your damage also plus a ministun.

Worth of it

Smoke of deceit: This cheap item is really good while you are ganking on early game or you won't buy a shadow blade. If you know that the enemy team have warded the river, go and use this when going to gank on enemy jungle. Will surely surprise the enemy. (You can check if enemy has warded by looking your passive ultimate logo on top of health bar. If it disappears, they have warded it.

Skill explanation


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