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Slark - Stay out of my way may be you wont get hurt, but I doubt it!

February 16, 2013 by Etlichina
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Slark - Stay out of my way may be you wont get hurt, but I doubt it!

February 16, 2013


Slark is basically a cool hero. A very versatile hero and can gank almost anyone. Slark is usually played as a semi-carry. But in this guide, you can turn the slarky into a semi-carry/nuker.

Starting Items

Slark is basically farm dependent. A quelling blade would go well for slark and to counter his low damage. a set of tangoes and a healing salve.

The most important of getting a semicarry/nuker slark to get a soul ring recipe.

let us suppose you pick slark and get 603 gold,
one quell - 225
tango - 90
salve - 100
soul ring recipe - 150

Total would be 565..


With slark, check your teammates. if there are hard carries like void and phantom lancer, you should leave the bot lane and top lane for radiant and dire respectively and go to the other lane. NEVER go mid lane with slark!

Farm with slark

Slark should basically farm well. The quelling blade would help you to do so. As you get the gold try completing your soul ring first. I'd prefer soul ring before boots also. It would help a lot , trust me guys. Ask your support laner to harass the foes and keep the fish well fed.

Skill Build

Skill build for the semi nuker/carry slark is pretty simple.
1. Pounce
2. Essence Shift
3. Pounce
4. Dark Pact
5. Pounce
6. Shadow Dance
7. Pounce
8. Dark Pact
9. Dark Pact
10. Dark Pact
11. Shadow Dance
12. Essence Shift
13. Essence Shift
14. Essence Shift
15. Stats
16. Shadow Dance
17. - 25. Stats

Pounce is usually preferred over Essence Shift because a quick burst damage of 280 with 75 mana cost is not bad.
Essence shift in early is not a good idea since the early ganks dont last long and you woulnd switch lanes fast to gank.
Dark Pact is important since of its low cooldown and its most important thingy, removing debuffs. This skill is to be preferred before the Essence Shift.
Shadow Dance the ultimate is to be picked at regular intervals of the ultimate availability.

Entering the Mid game

By mid game , I mean lvl 7 or so... After the soul ring, you shoould get a boots and later convert it to a power threads.

As you enter the mid game, you got your ulti ready and your pounce and pact ready. Ask your support to initiate a small lane gank, like a Vengeful to stun, Pounce onto the enemy and get some meele hits. Once out the the stun, activate your pact and shadow dance. Poor fellow might die or survive.

As you enter into your lvl 10, just beware of the mid ganking you.

Item build

After getting the power threads, you sould go to the wait for it..... Shadow Blade. What? Shadow blade? for slark? pfff....
Fine!, but just imagine this scenario, there's a traxex hitting like carzy on you, you dont have pounce, shadow dance since she silenced and you are unable to time the pact so well, but when you activate your SB, you wont only escape but also gain HP sice you are not visible to trax. Infact you might even kill her back.
So I'd Prefer A SHADOW BLADE! ( since the cloud is not visible.) :)

Getting Kills With a Shadow Blade

Before entering into a one on one gank, turn one the soul ring and pop up the SB, since it uses 150 hp, it should get covered in the SB, get the foe a hit (DONT FOR GET THIS SINCE SB GIVES A 150 BONUS DAMAGE BREAK) and immediately cast the pounce. With the help of the soul ring, you have lost no mana and no hp also :) . After the pounce, cast pact. As per the kill, if its a hitter or ganker, depending on their farm turn on the shadow dance and get some meele hits and i promise you he/she/it will be dead of you got it properly!!

Lets get into the maths of it.
Damage of slark - around 70 ( you can count it as 80 or 90 with SB,PT)
Shadow Blade bonus damage - 150
Pounce damage - 280
Dark Pact - 300

Total there is 800 damage!!

Plus you would get some meele hits about 4 ( in pounce leash ) dealing about 280 damage there and each meele would cause their Health pool to get reduces by 16 and increases your damage by 3..
When Shadow Dance is turned on, you can chase like a ***** and get some meele damage about 3 hits and may be pop up another pounce and DP since they have a cooldown of 8/6 sec respectively.

Total Damage would go over a 1000!..

So I would prefer to get kills on supports of thier team like a rhasta,rylai etc


The same goes with the gank except the thing that they would be solo and you wouldnt be solo :) You might get some kills but will definitely get gold in your assists. REMEMBER dont pop your ulti soon, it might help to get you some kills, use shadow blade to escape and troll them.

What to do After a Shadow Blade?

I would like to go for a mask of madness. The attack speed bonus would be just perfect for the shadow dance to steal the perfect amount of agility for slark and get the **** out of them in ganks. Careful there buddy You might wanna use MoM after procing the DP since it might hurt you about 200 damage instead of 150..

After getting a MoM , kills would just pour into you.


You maybe just Nuetral camping just for farm and might get gang banged by all the team and you are like "WHAT?"
well to counter that, Just roam around the map and just keep checking on the Passive ulti buff. If it aint there, THERE'S A WARD!! ask your supports to deward it or just carry a sentry and pounce onto the ward location and deward them yourself.

Late Game

In the late games I would Next perfer the Ethreal Blade!
It would go perfect with the skills. DONT USE ON THE FIRST HERO YOU ENCOUNTER. Jump in and get some agility for your ethreal to gain a boost and remember every attack would boost the ethreal damage by 7.5! So about 25 meeles would do a bonus 187.5 damage and Dont forget the pounce and dark pact damage.

Thank You Guys

This is my first giude ! Hpoe you GUYS LIKED IT!!

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