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Slark - In I Crawl Ganking Guide

November 18, 2012 by doggie
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Slark - In I Crawl

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

2 4 9 10


1 3 5 8

Essence Shift

7 12 13 14

Shadow Dance

6 11 16


15 17 18

Slark - In I Crawl Ganking Guide

November 18, 2012


Hi, welcome to my Slark's guide. Slark is a melee agility semi carry who excels at ganking and have a great escape mechanism. I'll try to keep everything short and simple here, as this is my first guide.


During the early phase, get your basic regeneration and a stout shield, as Slark is very paper early game. A successful gank from the enemy team can easily kill Slark, due to his low hit points.

Next you might want to get Power Threads for some stats and attack speed. After that, get a Vanguard to fix your paper hp and you can start ganking. A cheap Orb of Venom is also a great pickup as it slows the enemy down. Most players get mask of madness for the +attack speed, which is good, but be aware that MOM is a unique attack modifier, which will NOT stack with your orb of venom's poison attack.

Now for the mid to late stages of the game, which items to purchase depends on how the game is going. Blink dagger is a great item for mobility, and so is a boots of travel. If you picked up the orb of venom at the early stage, upgrade it to an eye of skandi. Vlads would be helpful for your team if no one is buying it. Heart of Tarrasque is a great tank item as it boosts your hp and stacks with your ultimate's passive, which we will talk about later. Daedalus is also a good choice for some damage and crit output, or an Abbysal Blade for stunning and damage output. An comes the ultimate agility item of all time, the butterfly. The increased attack speed will eat off your enemy's stat with your third skill's Essence Shift, as you gain more powerful with the extra agility stats.


Skill Build
Take Pounce first for some early survivability, cause you never know if there's an enemy with an invisible rune just waiting to gank you in the butt. Dark pact is your second priority, as it have some good burst damage and can remove negative debuffs like stun, if timed correctly. Dark pact output the damage via individual pulses, and does not burst at once. Essence shift is probably not needed this early, as your attack speed is fairly slow, or you can take one level of it for some extra agility if the enemy you are ganking escaped. Now comes to Slark's ultimate, Shadow Dance, we'll talk about the active skill first. Once activated, Slark disappear into a cloud of black smoke and can attack ( use spells, items ) an enemy without breaking the invisibilty for 5.5 seconds. Thats about it, now comes his ultimate's passive. When not seen by the enemy team ( creeps, wards, skills like gondar's track , enemy himself ), Slark gains a percentage of hp regeneration and movement speed.

Pros / Cons

Pros :
Good Ganker
Good Escape Mechanism
Semi Carry
Tons of fun when playing slark ( seriously )

Cons :
Paper early game HP
Can be easily countered with gem or dust
Gondar's Track and Slardar's Amplify Damage stops hp regeneration

Friends and Foes

Friends of Slark are pretty much everyone, especially those with disabling skills. Examples are :
Sven with his Storm Hammer
Dragon Knight with his Dragon's Tail
Tiny with his Avalanche
Lion with his Earth Spike and Hex

Heroes with disabling skills on your side are friends, but on the other side are your foes.
So the 4 guys listed up there makes good friends, and also good foes. Heroes with nuking abilities should also be avoided, examples are :
Nyx Assassin

Thanks !

Thats all, thanks for viewing my first ever guide. Happy DOTAing !

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