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Slark: Here Fishy Fishy

December 18, 2012 by zakisslackin
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Pure Agility

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

5 10 13 14


1 3 7 12

Essence Shift

2 4 8 9

Shadow Dance

6 11 16


15 17 18

Das Color Code

Red - So Bad
Orange - So-so
Yellow- Average Joe
Blue - Really Good


Welcome to my Slark Guide. This is a fairly simple guide. It follows what Slark needs to be a pure assassin or initiator. He is a Glass Cannon, making him weak if he is in the wrong place at the wrong time but effective if used correctly. If his pounce lands on you, that may be the death of your ENTIRE team.

What Slark is used for

Slark's has two important roles, the first being a ganker, then a initiator and lastly an escape hero.

Starting off with the most important role that Slark plays...


Slark is VERY important ganker. What makes him a good ganker is his "W" or his PounceThe Pounceis what makes him an Amazing ganker. Warning, if you are playing Slark for the first time you need to "get jiggy with it". His pounce leap in the direction you are currently facing, so if you are going to gank, be sure you know where the person is

Slark is a decent initiator because of his If used correctly, Slark not only can keep an enemy there, but if you max your Pounce first, the cooldown will be so fast that you can possibly Pounce on two people.

Slark can always Escape in the stickiest of situations. With his Pounce and his Shadow Dance, the only way Slark can die is if Naga appears out of nowhere and sings the song of your people in your ear while the team is taking lashing on you.


The main items you need are Sange and Yasha and Magic Wand those are the most important because it keeps you sustainable. Boots of Speed isn't really necessarily important, but with Slark's regular movement speed and with the boots teleport, it makes Slark that much more viable.

Troll Mode

The reason why I say "Troll Mode" with these items is because, they are so unnecessary to have these items

The Eye of Skadi give you the unnecessary health plus, its a BIG buff to your stats

Do I even need to explain, MAGIC IMMUNITY is all I'm going to say.

This isn't as bad as the others but it's not necessary at all. Maybe if you want to give the team some lifesteal but other than that I don't know.

Watch out for these guys

Jakrio - His stun is what can break Slark from his rampage

Drow Ranger - Although she is everybody's no-no's, her slow is what can kill you...

Overall, any hero with stuns or constant slows is what kills slark.


Thank you for looking at my Slark Guide. This is my first guide so sorry if its not the best. Feel free to place your comment, I will be updating this build constantly. Overall, thanks for looking at my guide!!!

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