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Skywrath Mid Statbuild

July 18, 2013 by mrtjukk
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Skywrath Mid Statbuild

DotA2 Hero: Skywrath Mage

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Mystic Flare

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Skywrath Mid Statbuild

July 18, 2013


As the title says this is a build for going mid. start of with some stats and healing so that you can get some lasthits and survive until you get a bottle. It is important that you use your mana to harras the other mid hero, but you should go gank as soon as you think you can (after getting the bottle). This hero is an amazing ganker and you should not take the midlane if you dont gank.

Skywrath mage is one of the few heroes that really benefits from all three stats, he is really squishy so strenght is great to have, giving him the chance to dodge spells with the linken and the manta makes in addition to the forcestaff makes the game a lot more fun.
Intelligence greatly improves his damage output because of the arcane bolt and the bigger manapool.
Lategame this hero is a beast if you have the health to stand up to someone, the extra agility is also really helpful as it gives him a bigger chance to continue slowing the enemy hero down with eye of skadi, add the concussive shot and a teammate and you have a dead enemy hero.

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